Monday, December 30, 2013

Page 462

The shadow flexed and spun around her, becoming a swirling drill, and as Andres’ crystal drew closer, Lynnette leapt up to meet it head-on. She pierced through, and even after losing her initial momentum, the ridges of her drill allowed her to keep climbing. And she arrived at the top, regaining her footing.

A small crystal pegged her in the shoulder, making her wince and stagger back a step. Then a second one, but when she staggered back this time, the crystal beneath her was suddenly destroyed, and she instead fell toward another bed of spikes. She grit her teeth, annoyed, and smashed them with a purple wrecking ball. Yellow shards flew everywhere as she landed.

She threw a glare at Andres, who was already shooting more crystals at her. The shadow deflected them as she ran straight for him.

Abruptly, a massive chunk of iron crashed between her and Andres, forcing her to stop and look toward Hector and Karkash.

Hector’s network of metal tubes was no longer grounded. It hovered in mid-air, fraught with blue flashes of electricity. The tubes continued to grow, however, bending and spiraling and reconnecting with one another just as quickly as Karkash was ripping them apart.

She would have liked to ignore them for the moment and focus on killing Andres, but a dozen more car-sized lumps of metal were already flying in her direction.


It was a giant mess, now. He’d completely lost track of what went where, but he just kept adding more iron to everything. At the very least, if even he didn’t know where he was anymore, then Karkash certainly didn’t.

Up and to your right,’ said Garovel, apparently still able to make sense of things.

Hector curved his current tube as the reaper directed, and there Karkash was, facing a different direction. The man seemed reluctant to move around too much, probably to ensure Hector didn’t get an easy shot at his reaper, who remained by his side at all times.

Hector launched himself out of the tube, and Karkash didn’t see him until the last moment.


  1. Snowtail the KhajiitDecember 30, 2013 at 3:31 AM

    Dat cliffhanger tho. XD

  2. I know right XD
    I'm quietly hoping there is something big plot-wise planned for new years... we'll see!

  3. Hey, someone posted this on Wattpad:

    Thought you might've wanted to know.

  4. Yeah, I already knew about that, actually. But eh. Not gonna make a big deal out of it. It seems like he's just a kid who doesn't know any better, and he didn't make it past the second chapter, anyway.

  5. NO! We must avenge our master! The hunt is on!

  6. It's been a few days, so no-one's gonna read this, but I felt like pointing it out anyway.

    Mr. Frost publishes this story under a license that allows redistribution as long as credit is given and the license is preserved. So re-posting the story elsewhere is fine as long as you adhere to the license (which didn't happen in this case).

    Also, kudos to Mr. Frost for choosing this license and being cool with a situation like this.

  7. Knock his block off, Hector! Iron Fist!

  8. Hers is the drill that will pierce the heavens!