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Page 391

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He’d certainly heard tell of this Darksteel Soldier already, of the horrible crimes attributed to the young Hector Goffe, so William couldn’t speak to the boy’s character, but even so, it was enough just knowing that someone out there was able to actually fight these monsters.

Beyond that, there wasn’t much to do. William didn’t get many visitors. If they weren’t staff, medical consultant, or Abolish, then they were generally forbidden from seeing him. The only exceptions were the princes. Abolish allowed them to roam freely and do as they pleased, which was telling enough on its own. Only one prince ever bothered to come see the King, however. Prince David, it was. And of Helen’s seven brothers, David was perhaps the last one William would have expected, but admittedly, William didn’t know the man very well. It was mainly David’s reputation that informed the King’s opinion of him.

“So how are you, Your Highness?” David pulled up a chair next to Desmond and joined them for their midday meal. He was quite the portly gentleman, almost too wide for his seat, even. Always full of smiles, he seemed, and often able to earn them in return, if begrudgingly.

“What do you want?” said William, trying not to sigh.

“Only to check on the health of my dear brother-in-law,” said David. “Why? Are you unable to say? Perhaps you can tell me in code, then. Clap once for good and twice for bad.”

Desmond snorted so hard that he spilled tea all over himself.

William was not nearly so amused. “I appreciate your concern,” he said flatly.

David flashed teeth through his full beard. “I do hope you are cooperating with our fine guests,” he said, and he reached across the table to take William’s lone hand in both of his own. “It would be such a shame if they had to kill you.”

The King was about to give an irritated response when he felt the piece of paper in his hand.


  1. *Claps twice*

  2. My condolences on being bad.

  3. The evil people are usually the ones who are the coolest, though.
    Like you.

  4. D'awwwwwuaahahahAHAHAHA

  5. Your evil laugh needs work.
    You almost sounded nice.

  6. That wasn't my evil laugh. That was my nice laugh.

  7. Snowtail the KhajiitOctober 17, 2014 at 4:29 PM

    Ooh paper. A secret note? Is it important? Is Prince David a good guy? Part of Vanguard? An Abolish Traitor? Is he going to help the king escape? Is it a trap?
    Find out in the next page of The Zombie Knight: Cliffhanger Edition. XD

  8. The "a" is not needed.

    "Always full of [a] smiles"

    I'm kind of annoyed with William that he doesn't seem to be worried about Helen. I thought they DO love each other after all.