Friday, December 27, 2013

Page 451

~~Holiday Special (Day 6/7, Page 3/6)~~
Rather than replying, Hector armored himself up. The helm formed around his head just as he’d memorized it. Then came the gauntlets, breastplate, and leggings. It wasn’t a full suit of armor, as he was worried that his mobility would be hindered if he added much more to it.

Desmond didn’t seem especially concerned by the sudden armor, choosing to wait patiently. “Ah! The girl with the sword! You’ve changed a lot, haven’t you?! Did you go aberration hunting?! I like your new look!”

Lynn ignored him and whispered to Hector, “Do you think he’s trying to bait us to attack him? Where is the other servant?”

“I don’t know...”

“Pretty clever!” said Desmond. “This little plan of yours! I’m quite curious as to how you knew to enact it today, though! If you tell me, I’ll do something nice for you! Do you like brownies?! I make amazing brownies!”

“What an idiot,” said Lynnette.

“C’mon! If you’re not going to talk to me, then things are going to get boring real quickly unless you attack!”

...No,’ said Garovel. ‘It’s a diversion. He wants to buy time so that his comrade can do something. Ignore him. Force him to chase us.

Hector nodded. “We can’t engage him yet,” he told Lynn, and then he ran off into the intersecting hall with her and Desmond both following.

He knew the royal bedchamber was close. It was perhaps the most obvious place for the King to be, but then, Desmond probably wouldn’t have realized so quickly what their objective was in coming here.

A sizzling hand came flying from behind, but Lynnette was prepared. Her shadow knocked it right back toward Desmond, who had to dive out of its path. The subsequent explosion made the hall jolt, and Hector stumbled but kept going.

The guardsmen must have been doing good work, because there weren’t many civilians around. The few that remained, Hector tried to scare into fleeing as he ran past, making metal spikes suddenly jut out of the ground in front of them. That strategy, at least, proved quite successful.


  1. Curious as to how you knew *to* enact it today.

  2. My evil sense is tingling with the following plan E:

    1) Make radioactive iron isotopes. Something like Fe-72. Half-life of 470 ms.

  3. Aw I was kinda hoping Desmond would be shocked with Lynn, instead he was actually excited. There goes my fun...

  4. What happened to plans A through D?

  5. Those are proposed in posts a few months prior, 'page' 387, 389 and 451 respectively.
    To recap:
    A) supply ingestible Iron, annihilate late, everyone dies due to anaemia
    B) make microscopic iron, salted Earth scenario
    C) supply smelters with Iron, outcompete competition
    C+) annihilate/expand Iron used in steel and buildings
    D) skydiving Iron → dynamic entry / kinetic impactor
    E) create radioactive Iron isotopes

    I just thought up a nice corollary to B, that qualifies as its own evil plan:
    F) fertilise bodies of water with microscopic Iron.

    You wonder what that will do? Ever heard of an algae bloom? Imagine that oner or two sizes bigger. Do that at major lakes and you will utterly wreck local ecosystem.

    And since I didn't mention it in the respective post, plan D is quite heavy handed and most likely a terror tactic: If Hector is able to create a 12m sphere of iron (diameter), that would weigh over 7000 tons. Dropped from a height of 10 km the impact crater would be initially about 100 metres across, and settle at a bit above 130 metres, with nearly 30 deep. It will equal a measly 2.1 on the Richter scale, but will still shatter windows half a kilometre distant and knock the closest buildings over. I kind of want to see that, for simple curiosity…

  6. Holy mother of God (O_O)

  7. Since I currently in the process of rereading work, though offline as volume one and two, I may think of a few more.

    Just as a gift to tide you over until some proper plans pop up, here is my evil sense tingling with plan G)
    Create Iron flakes, like he did at first, in the airways and lungs of susceptible enemies. Let us check… Huh, effectively poisoning in low doses (20-40 mg/kg).
    My original intent was to induce shortwindedness / dyspnoea or asphyxiate the victim, as any sufficient amount of foreign material in the lungs will do the same. Poisoning also works, though.

  8. all of your idea is Weapon of Mass Destruction.

  9. That is quite correct. I never said otherwise. But let me point out to the particular phrasing introducing the ideas: evil.
    I know as well as you do these actions would not fall into the purview of Hector’s morality.

  10. lucky Hector didnt study chemistry.