Friday, December 27, 2013

Page 453

~~Holiday Special (Day 6/7, Page 5/6)~~
Lynnette was forcing Andres back into the hall by the time Hector rejoined. However, Andres was apparently baiting her toward him in order to hide the fact that Desmond was approaching her from behind, which was why Hector decided to place himself there first.

For a moment, he and Lynnette stood back-to-back, and he quickly whispered to her what Garovel had just told him about Andres’ ability.

“Got it.”

A giant crystal came flying toward them, and Lynnette cleaved it cleanly in two with her violet-coated sword. The subsequent halves of the crystal crashed into the walls and kept tumbling down the length of the corridor.

Desmond threw a blinking look at the suddenly missing walls around him. In a matter of seconds, his section of the hallway had been converted into one big room, a kind of adjoining chamber. The ceiling began to groan, and Hector thought it might cave in, but at least for the moment, it did not.

Desmond’s reaper, Ezmortig, appeared behind him, probably wanting to provide observational advice like Garovel had been doing.

Hector launched another javelin. Desmond dodged it easily enough while Hector began closing the distance with a freshly constructed blade in hand. And then abruptly, he clapped iron around Desmond’s face. Hector swung for the man’s neck, but even without the use of his eyes, Desmond still ducked right under the blow and caught Hector’s arm with both of his own. The arm snapped, and the man’s burly hands found Hector’s throat. Hector could hear the sizzling noise, and he knew the explosion was imminent.

The iron spikes came out. They skewered Desmond in five places, loosening his grip and allowing Hector to kick him off before the hand exploded. Desmond went bouncing toward Lynn, who was more than happy to make time for the man. She brought her sword to bear and chopped both of Desmond’s legs off.

Yellow crystals crashed into her, and she went flying away from Desmond. Hector leapt up and caught her, mostly with his right arm, as the other was still broken.


  1. Was the reason the sulphur went through Hector's iron because it was used with her soul or because it was just better

  2. "his section of the hallway had been converted into one big room, a kind adjoining chamber."
    Is there something missing? "a kind [of] adjoining chamber" maybe?

  3. Wow., good catch. Fixed now. Thank you.

  4. Wait, how is Andres launching crystals at them?

    Also, Back-to-Back Badasses as well as Battle Couple. Just saying

  5. Auto-Correct is SkynetFebruary 19, 2015 at 1:40 AM

    Hector could make an iron bubble around his target's head, but with a space of maybe 2-3 inches between the iron and head, and form spikes in the gaps, then condense the outside of the bubble so the spikes would do their desired job. It wouldn't be growing in occupied space so maybe it'd work?