Friday, December 27, 2013

Page 452 -- LII.

~~Holiday Special (Day 6/7, Page 4/6)~~
Hector barged into the King’s chambers, eyes searching frantically around. And luckily enough, there the man was, sitting up on his bed, looking haggard in his regal suit and clutching the shoulder of his missing arm.

When he saw Hector, he merely stood. Maybe it was just because the man looked too exhausted already, but he didn’t seem particularly surprised by the young, armored black man. When Lynnette arrived, however, the King’s expression changed. “You!” he said, eyes widening.

“Your Highness, we’ve come to get you out of here!” she said.

“Did Helen send you?!”

“Not quite,” said Lynn, “but we’re acting with her interests in mind. Please, there’s no time!”

“Yes, of course!”

Then came the voice of Andres Geth. “I’m afraid I can’t allow that,” he said from the hallway, and after a beat, he appeared in the open doorway, along with a new reaper.

Hector wasted no time and launched a javelin straight at the man.

A wall of yellow crystal shot up from the floor and stopped the spear dead. Somehow, the force of the impact left the metal shattered, but the crystal had scarcely more than a crack. “Oh, please,” said Andres. “I’d heard that you could make metal, but this is just embarrassing to witness. You call yourself a materialization user?”

Hector scowled inside his helm.

“Allow me to demonstrate how one truly uses materialization.”

Chapter Fifty-Two: ‘O, colliding fires...!’
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A shower of yellow crystals flew toward them, and Hector raised a wall of iron, but it barely stopped anything. Chunks of crystal tore through his metal as if it were cardboard. Hector took a softball-sized crystal through the chest, knocking him off his feet.

He’s using soul-strengthening techniques on those crystals,’ Garovel informed him privately. ‘His element is probably sulfur.

Hector struggled back up again, watching Lynnette buy him the time to do so. The purple shade could withstand the crystals much more effectively, and when Andres tried to coat her in them, the shadow ripped her free immediately.

Be careful,’ said Garovel. ‘He can probably create it in states other than its solid crystal form.


  1. *blinks* wait...that's right...Stoker could control the temperature of his hydrogen, and this guy can make sulfer in any form. Does that mean Hector's metal can...hmm...*fascinating*

  2. Stoker had Transfiguration, not Materialization.

  3. still the same idea of having TOTAL control over your element though

  4. This is gonna be interesting. Another materialization user, bout time one showed up

  5. ow hell, why must he find the most not compatible person to fight?