Friday, September 25, 2020

Page 2611

'Same,' said Voreese. 'Plus, I don't think I'd trust any new tech that could supposedly help us like that. You're gettin' into the territory of miracles there, and historically, those are pretty fuckin' few and far between. And I definitely don't wanna be some technological guinea pig, either.'

The reapers kept talking, but Hector returned the majority of his attention back to the book in his hands. He had to interrupt Garovel privately in order to ask what language it was.

Garovel gave it a look while Hector held it up and turned the pages for him. 'Ah, I see two languages, actually. Old Mohssian and Nykeirian.' Then publicly, he said, 'Hey, Voreese. You're Nykeirian, aren't you?'

'Sure am. Why? Got something for me?'

'Come have a look.'

She floated over and spent a few minutes directing Hector to flip past certain pages before ultimately landing on what seemed to be a later chapter. And while she kept reading, Garovel went over to help Roman out.

'Holy fucking shit balls,' Voreese eventually said. 'Garovel, this thing's a Fusion Forge.'

'Oh, please, tell me you're not just messing with me.'

'Nope. Says it right here, clear as day.'

The reapers both started laughing.

Hector, Roman, and Hanton all merely exchanged looks with one another as they waited for an explanation.

'That is some magnificent luck,' said Voreese.

'Assuming we can get it working again, that is,' said Garovel.

'Oh, yeah. It must still work, though, right? I mean, it doesn't look damaged at all.'

'Sure, but Forges tend to all look different, so we don't really know what damage would look like for this one, either. And given how valuable these things are, there's probably a reason it's just sitting here, seemingly abandoned.'

'Aw, don't say that. You're really bringing down my mood.'

'Just trying to temper our expectations here.'

'Yeah, yeah. We need a skilled integrator to inspect this fucking thing.'

'More than just one, probably.'

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Page 2610

Hanton's illusory form looked over at him with a raised eyebrow. "You are not familiar with telekinesis, Lord Goffe?"

"Can't say I have," said Hector.

Hanton dropped his hands, but the book remained floating in front of him. "Strange. I was under the impression that you could do it yourself--in some form, at least."

It took Hector a second to register what he meant. He was talking about Hector's orbiting technique. Yeah. Even if Hanton was familiar with materialization--and perhaps he wasn't--the Sparrow probably didn't know much about that particular technique, did he?


Hector wanted to inquire further, to ask about how powerful this telekinesis actually was. But he held back. There was no way Hanton would share that information.

And in a background thought process, he was recalling Rasalased's words about Wrobels being much more powerful in the past. Or concealing their strength in the modern day.

Still, it was interesting to know. The ability to move objects with his mind was no small thing. Hector's imagination was already running wild with how potent such a thing could be, especially if it could achieve anywhere near the same level of speed as the velocity states of materializers.

'I'm envious,' said Garovel from Hector's peripheral vision. 'If reapers could use telekinesis, a lot of our problems would be solved.'

Hanton breathed half a laugh. "Would you use it for anything other than annoying us corporeal beings?"

'Heh, well, it would be nice if I could at least turn the pages of a book without requiring someone else's help,' said Garovel.

"Ah, yes, I imagine that must make learning quite a tedious affair for you, at times."

'Yep. It's also why so many of us are such blabbermouths. Talking is pretty much the only way we can accomplish anything. I keep wondering if technology will ever progress to a point where that'll change for us, but I'm not exactly optimistic.'

Page 2609

Roman's expression spoiled into a twisted frown. He pulled a flashlight out of his pocket and switched it on, adding another much needed light source to the dim chamber.

Hector looked at Garovel. "You didn't mention that when I touched the Moon's Wrath."

'Oh yeah, well, you'd already touched it before I realized that it was a soul vacuum, so I didn't see much point in telling you after the fact.'

Hector's mouth just remained open a little.

'In any event,' Garovel went on, 'there are plenty of different things that this orb could be. Given its size and transparency, it's unlikely to have much in common with the Moon's Wrath.'

"How do we figure out what it does?" said Roman.

'Try touching it,' said Voreese.

"Garovel literally just told me not to," said Roman.

'Yeah, and now that you know what you'd be getting yourself into, it'll be funny.'

"Shut up, Voreese."

'She's actually not entirely wrong,' said Garovel. 'The direct approach could work, but before we give that a try, how about we look through some of these bookshelves, first? There might be some relevant writing on what this thing does.'

'Yeah, yeah, if you wanna be all "smart" about it,' said Voreese.

And the group split up, Hanton included, in order to do as Garovel suggested. The first book that Hector looked through was written in a language that he didn't understand, and as he was about to ask Garovel about it, he glanced over and noticed Hanton holding a book as well.

Literally holding it. Then putting it back on the shelf. And grabbing another.

The man might've been an illusion, but those books were definitely real. He could sense their shape with the Scarf.

And so he had to ask. "How are you able to pick those books up?"