Thursday, December 26, 2013

Page 446

~~Holiday Special (Day 5/7, Page 4/6)~~
At a glance, Sescoria seemed just as he remembered it. Tall, cylindrical buildings were common, as were the accompanying whites and blues. If he didn’t know better, he might’ve thought everything here was normal.

Soon, they came upon the gatehouse. It had been destroyed during Hector’s last visit and looked to have just begun reconstruction. It was closed, as they knew it would be, but still had a pair of uniformed officers standing guard.

Lynnette pulled over and exited her vehicle. Hector parked his bike behind her, keeping his motorcycle helmet on as he joined her.

“So?” she asked. “Can Garovel tell where Desmond is?”

That was their first objective. They knew from Gina’s intel that Desmond rarely left the King’s side. And as Garovel had seen Desmond’s aura before, it was possible for the reaper to recognize and locate the man’s presence.

Yep,’ said Garovel. ‘I can lead you straight to him.

Hector nodded at her. “Follow me.”

Entering through the front gate had seemed like a bad idea when Gina first pitched it to them, but she explained that the reconstruction meant barely anyone was using it.

As he and Lynnette approached the wooden barricade, Hector covered the security cameras with iron. The guards on either side came out of their little watch houses, and he immobilized them both with metal. Each guard had a radio on his hip. Lynnette confiscated them both.

Hector removed his riding helmet, revealing his face to the two guards.

“Oh fuck!” said the one on the right.

“Don’t worry,” said Lynnette. “We’d like to let you go. It would be in your own best interests if you fled from this place now. Do you understand?”

Barely able to move their heads, the guards exchanged looks with one another. And after a moment, they said, “Yes!” and, “We understand!”

Hector released them, and they immediately ran away. Lynnette handed him a radio. He hooked it onto his belt.


  1. Well this seems like a good place to stop and let you get further ahead. I'll be back. The name I'm using here is also my pen name, by the way. You can find some stuff of mine if you google it (and are interested)

  2. I'll definitely be checking out your stuff sometime

  3. Lol tbe guards shit bricks upon seeing Hector. Hilarious