Thursday, December 26, 2013

Page 443

~~Holiday Special (Day 5/7, Page 1/6)~~
<“Within the next twenty-four hours,”> Hector was saying on the television, < “I... the Darksteel Soldier, as you call me... will annihilate... the town of Harold... in its entirety... If you do not wish to die... then I suggest... you leave now...”>

It wasn’t the kind of voice David would have imagined, but somehow, this struck him as much worse. And the media seemed to share his opinion. They were playing the video on a loop with horrified commentary. Vain attempts were made to keep people calm, but it spread across channels with public alerts interrupting almost every program.

And yet, horrid as it was, the coincidence did not escape David’s notice. The town of Harold. And there was also the matter of Hector’s previous media firestorm. David remembered listening to Desmond chew Karkash out for making the news. So what was this young man’s investment in Harold? David couldn’t understand the boy’s motive.

He did not have very long to think on the matter, as he was not watching the footage alone.

Desmond burst out laughing. “YES! He’s up to something! What do you think he’s gonna do next?!”

Andres stroked his chin, unable to conceal his smirk. “I wonder. He’s obviously trying to evacuate the town, which begs the question: how did he find out?”

“Oh! You think he has a spy in the castle?” Desmond’s gaze went to the empty space adjacent him. “Aw, don’t be like that. It would’ve been so boring if everything went without a hitch.” He paused. “Yeah, yeah, alright. I’ll start questioning people.”

David glanced at the King before looking back at the Abolishers. He decided to take the risk and ask an intervening question. “Could someone please explain what is happening here?”

Andres and Desmond exchanged looks, and then Andres said, “We’ve received intelligence that this Darksteel Soldier is an enemy of the Crown. He wants to destroy Atreya, you see.”

David put on a worried frown. “Is that so? Why would he want that?”

Desmond shrugged. “Who could say for sure? I’m sure your family has made many enemies over the years.”


  1. Abrupt apparent scene change when Desmond suddenly speaks up about the news broadcast. I thought David was on his own. May need a reminder that he's basically always being watched, or that some members of Abolish are also watching the news.

    "They playing the video"
    They WERE playing

  2. S'pose you have a point. Added a line before Desmond start talking. Also fixed the typo, thank you.

  3. One "the" too many.
    "as he was not watching the [the] footage alone."

  4. You fucking Abolish lying sons of bitches!