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“I have received word that Helen was spotted in Korgum,” Gabriel explained. “She was seen consorting with the local militia, which leads me to believe that she intends to return here with an army.”

Silence fell across the table. David gauged the others’ expressions. Most were calm, if a bit unsettled, but Nathaniel’s mousy face was horrified. David always thought the man to be rather slow-witted but ultimately goodhearted. He wasn’t so sure about the latter anymore.

“From the report,” Gabriel went on, “it seems she did not acquire their assistance. But she is most probably looking elsewhere now.”

“This would not be a problem if those fools did not let her escape,” said Charles.

“Bah.” Martin glared at Nathaniel. “That would not have been a problem if this fool had killed her properly.”

“There is no use casting blame now,” said Gabriel. “We are where we are. I propose we shore up our defenses and deploy more of the AFA to find her.”

Nathaniel nodded furiously. “Agreed!”

“Agreed,” added Charles.

Nine years ago, the Agency of Foreign Affairs secretly cannibalized the RIB (His Majesty’s Royal Intelligence Bureau). David recalled it being the result of a particularly bad scandal involving the bribery of a Rendon ambassador. Rendon demanded that the RIB be shut down, even threatening military action. He also recalled the incident being largely Gabriel’s doing.

David wasn’t sure what the AFA had been up to under Helen’s rule, but he wondered if it also had some role in the attempt on her life. It certainly had been quick to follow Gabriel’s orders as soon as she was gone. He’d have to consult Duchess Jezebel about that later.

At the moment, however, David wanted to interject. “Why do you all sound so worried?” he laughed. “What is there to fear? You’ve all witnessed the power of our delightful guests from Abolish. Army or not, they will doubtlessly crush anyone Helen returns with.”

That sent a mumbling ripple across the table.


  1. If his brothers listen to David, they are, of course, fools. Never really on fixing a problem later when you can prevent it from developing now.

  2. result a particularly

    You want of in there.

  3. Fixed, thank you.

  4. Yeah but of course they are fools, they got in bed with Abolish for a mostly meaningless crown.

  5. So, I was sitting here thinking that someday soon, I'm going to catch up with the story. Got me musing about what I'm going to do with that internet time once I do. I've been meaning to get a group together for some good old-fashioned pencil and paper role-playing. Only thing stopping me is getting that five hour block together with several other adults. Made me wish for a game I could play like I read this story, at variable increments whenever convenient.

    THEN I remembered a sweet and simple little system I made for my friends and myself when I worked at a bakery. The core rules fit on an index card, as did a character sheet. The die system was 'think of a number between 0 and 9.' I'd slip index cards into their lockers on my break, and they'd play by slipping their reactions into my locker. Good times.

    With the permission of Mr. Frost, I'd like to adapt this system into a The Zombie Knight based forum game. Assuming anyone would be interested, I'm looking for a party of about three to join me. I'm thinking of making a blogger page for it, unless anyone knows of a better medium.

  6. Sure, knock yourself out. The only thing I'd ask is that you provide a link to the story wherever you end up posting it. :)

  7. I'll see your link and raise you a nice fan made banner linking to this site on mine :)

  8. Okay. Got a blog started with a rough draft introduction to the idea posted. Any interested players can check out tznfanfic.blogspot.com

    I'll figure out how to add a comment thingy in the morning. If anyone wants in in the mean time, I can be reached at randanima@gmail.com

  9. Oops. tzkfanfic.blogspot.com

  10. I'm loving David. I love good characters that can play the villain. Fuck Severus Snape though...

  11. Snape was the best character in the entire saga. And had the vest actor. And was generally awesome and very relatable. I always liked him.

  12. There was potential for me to like the character, but alas, by the end, I still found him detestable