Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Page 438

~~Holiday Special (Day 4/7, Page 2/6)~~
“Are all aberrations as, um... as violent and crazy as Geoffrey was?”

“Geoffrey? Oh, is that the name of the one we fought?”


Lynnette rubbed above her eye patch. “Do you happen to know where he is?”


“I’ve been wanting to get revenge for my eye.”

He wasn’t sure how else to say it, so he just said, “I killed him.”

Lynnette blinked. “Oh. What happened?”

But Hector couldn’t bring himself to explain. He knew she was one of the few people who would understand. Hell, she probably understood well enough already. But he just didn’t want to talk about it. He didn’t even want to think about it.

At his strained silence, she seemed to get the idea. “Oh, I didn’t answer your question. From what Roman said, yeah, I think all aberrations are extremely violent. I think his exact words were that aberrations are always looking for amusement. They’re just always amused by killing people, apparently.”

“I see...”

“He said they can’t really be controlled, either, because they tend to just do whatever they want. The only reason Abolish is able to manage them at all is because it lets them run wild.”

“Sounds... accurate.”

“Oh, and they grow stronger by consuming souls. That’s why they all enjoy killing so much.”

Hector just nodded.

She held her gauntlet up again. “I’m not sure if this can grow stronger in the same way. I’m not sure it matters, either. Even if I knew how to consume someone’s soul, it sounds pretty disgusting.”

His mouth twisted. “Egh, yeah... and you wouldn’t be able to consume a servant’s soul, anyway.”


“Our souls are bound to our reapers, so...”

“Hmm. Would I be able to consume a reaper’s soul, then?”

Hector looked at Garovel.

I don’t know! Probably! I don’t think I wanna find out!

Hector offered Lynnette a shrug.

“What else do you want to know?”


Ask her for details about what that wrist guard is capable of.


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    much error
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    very professional

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  3. It's okay. Don't worry. :D

    *kills anyway*

  4. Snowtail the KhajiitDecember 25, 2013 at 9:36 AM

    Frosty, you can't just kill people-
    Oh, wait. You do that all the time anyways! XD

  5. So how come the Pancake House Five knew of aberrations while all of the Vanguad remained oblivious?

  6. The Vanguard wasn't oblivious. Roman was explaining for Helen and Lynnette's benefit, not Mehlsanz's.

  7. I was talking about this:

    Hector: ‘How come you don’t know more about aberrations? They seem like, uh... kind of a big deal.’

    Garovel: ‘I’m guessing they’re a recent development in the world. When I was a member of the Vanguard, aberrations weren’t a problem we faced. I don’t think they even existed. If they did, then they were hidden extremely well. ’

    So Garovel obviously didn't learn much about aberrations while he was with the Vanguard. Maybe they only tell higher ranking reapers about them or something. Mehlsanz has probably been a member for langer than Garovel.

    I'm just saying -- Roman and the others knew what Geoffrey was at once. Garovel didn't and apparently knows less about them than Roman, which is sort of weird, since Garovel was a member of the Vanguard.

    I just don't buy that aberrations didn't exist before. If you need people with the reaper gene and they have been dying out, creating aberrations would have been easier in older times because there where more potential parents.

  8. You'll likely recall Garovel mentioning every now and again that he hasn't been keeping up with current events in recent years.

    Also, the number of parents would make little difference if the process by which an aberration may be created had yet to be discovered.

  9. I would have loved to see Lynnette squash Geoffrey...

    We didn't learn much here even though I'm not sure Hector's heard it before

  10. The best part of this is that the Pancake House Five have become an actual term.

  11. Yanno, that revenge comment got me wondering. Can one aberration consume another? And if so, what happens to their power and collected souls?