Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Page 436

~~Holiday Special (Day 3/7, Page 6/6)~~
The bike jostled as its tires hit the road again, which thankfully stirred Lynnette back awake. And just like that, they were in Atreyan territory. He annihilated the metal bridge as they sped away.

Hmm,’ said Garovel, hovering a bit closer to Lynnette now. ‘I’m a little worried what the Vanguard was doing with something like this in the first place.

You think... they have aberrations working with them?

I don’t know enough about aberrations to say for sure, but if all of them are like Geoffrey, then there’s no way the Vanguard would work with them.

How come you don’t know more about aberrations? They seem like, uh... kind of a big deal.

I’m guessing they’re a recent development in the world. When I was a member of the Vanguard, aberrations weren’t a problem we faced. I don’t think they even existed. If they did, then they were hidden extremely well.


I wonder how common they are. Their presence could change everything in the war between the two big powers. Hell, maybe it already has.

You think so?

Well, yeah. Neutrality has always been a big thing. A lot of reapers believe that death is fated and shouldn’t be interfered with or just don’t want to get involved for whatever reason, so they don’t take on servants. That’s never been a problem, because as long as we stay away from big conflicts, we can’t be killed. But if there are these random monsters in the world who can hurt us, then that’s a big deal, like you said. Reapers who’ve never taken on a servant before suddenly have a very compelling reason to.

Ah... like Bohwanox, huh? He only revived Colt after getting wounded by Geoffrey, didn’t he?

Yeah. If that sort of thing happens on a larger scale, it’ll have a huge impact. All those new servants and reapers. Even if most of them try to stay out of the war, some of them are bound to get involved.


  1. Snowtail the KhajiitDecember 24, 2013 at 11:46 PM

    Huh. Good luck guys!

  2. I'm still wondering how they discovered the process to create Aberrations. It's not something you just happen to do accidentally. The knowledge was probably passed down. It's way more likely that Aberrations have been around forever, and no one from the Vanguard survived to tell the tale. It's just through Damian Rofal, who is apparently neither Abolish nor sane, that an Aberration was discovered and didn't manage to kill all witnesses.

  3. I wonder... what happens when two aberrations love each other very much and have a baby?

  4. Heh. I was wondering that actually...

  5. Ah so aberrations might be the cause for the cause of the increased activity in the war. Might even be why Vanguard started changing and caused Mehl to run

  6. I'm going to agree with previous posters and say it was probably some reapers trying to be reborn. Didn't turn out how they expected obviously.

  7. Hmm new servants and reapers will now be popping up. While it could strengthen both Vanguards and Abolish, Is it too much to guess that Hector will get some new allies too (oh preferably new underlings so that he can become the new emperor ;D).