Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Page 399

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Hector annihilated his metal and stood. He brushed the dirt off his coat as the bones in his neck and shoulders realigned themselves. “Okay,” he said. “I guess you were right.”


“By the way, um... I was wondering about Colt’s ability...”


“He can really destroy, like... anything?”

I believe so, yeah. Once he develops it more, that is.

“But, uh... I mean, don’t servants in Abolish have that power, too?”

I’m sure some do, yeah. Why?

“They wanna destroy the entire planet, don’t they? And if one of them has the destruction power and they develop it enough, wouldn’t they be able to, y’know, actually pull it off?”

Oh. Well, first off, the destruction ability has a range limit as well. I think the strongest destruction user I’ve ever heard of could make a path about... I wanna say, two kilometers. Length-wise, that is. Increasing the width of the path is much more difficult. I think the max width was only about two meters.

“Really? That’s such a huge difference...”

The path projects outward from the user, kind of like a drill. It’s easier for it to move forward and backward than horizontally. Positioning and direction are both very important for destruction users.

“Hmm. But they could still use that to, like... drill to the planet’s core, couldn’t they?”

That’s actually happened before,’ said Garovel, smirking. ‘It requires a special kind of nutjob, though, even by Abolish’s standards. Most servants--even the maniacal, murdering bastards--DO still want to live. So they understand that destroying the planet might not be the wisest course of action. But occasionally, the stars will align, and just the right idiot will acquire the destruction power and get just the right opportunity to develop it. Most of them don’t realize, however, how gigantic or how hot Eleg’s core is.


I do recall one incident, though--an actually organized effort to get down there and cause problems before being vaporized.



  1. So... I'm theorizing that Damian Rofal has the destruction ability (allowing him to obliterate Ozmere and Moss), and he's the one who tried drilling to the core, seemingly getting killed in the process. With a new identity and great power, he didn't want to be recruited into Abolish (again?) which is why he killed them when they recognized him.

  2. You're forgetting the way Damian froze Geoffrey when they first met. Destruction users can do only that: destroy. He's not materialization, mutation, destruction, or transfiguration. It's either alteration - my personal guess - or integration, which hasn't been explained very clearly so I can't call that one at all.

  3. Good point. I totally forgot about the freezing.

  4. There's no way they got to the core...