Monday, December 23, 2013

Page 430

~~Holiday Special (Day 2/7, Page 6/6)~~
“Then it looks like you’ll be traveling for several days more!” the old man yelled. “And I don’t give a damn who you are!”

Lynnette’s eye throbbed. It tended to do that at the most inconvenient times. “Sir,” she tried, quieter this time in hopes of luring him closer to the door, “I very much need to use a phone. I’d be quite appreciative of any help you could--”

There came a hastened rustle from inside the house, and a moment later, the door swung open. The balding old man was pointing a shotgun at her. “Young lady, in what capacity have I failed to make myself clear?”

She eyed the double-barrel, not concerned in the slightest. “Sir, you don’t want to do that.”

He barked a laugh. “Oh, don’t I?”

“Please put the gun down, sir.”

“Can’t you tell when a man wants to be left in peace?! You think I live out here because I like visitors?! How’d you find me, anyway?! Are you from the government?! After all these years, now you decide to take me away?! Is that it?!”


“You dogs’ll never take me alive! I ain’t goin’ back to prison, so just get on out of here before I do something dramatic! I’m unstable, ya hear?! I’m crazy!”

“Yes, I can see that. But I really do need to use your phone.”

“Woman! Are you fuckin’ deaf?! I will rip you in half with this here buckshot!”

“Sir, you can try, but that’s not gonna work out well for you. Trust me.”

“That a threat?! You threatenin’ me now?!”

Lynnette sighed. “Well, if you’re gonna shoot me, then allow me to move over here so you don’t accidentally kill yourself.” And as she took a step to the right, the man pulled the trigger.

From no more than a meter away, she took the shot square in the chest. And instead of tearing into her, it met a sudden purple shadow and bounced right off, leaving Lynnette entirely unharmed.


  1. Snowtail the KhajiitDecember 24, 2013 at 12:23 AM

    …Whelp, if she is an abomination, at least she isn't as damn crazy as our last abomination. Huh. I kinda miss Jeffrey. The little psychopath kinda grows on you after a bit. XD

  2. Geoffrey was many things, but I think you're using a different word than Frost intended. Just because a guy dies doesn't mean you can forget about him. You people and your goldfish memories...

  3. Lynette equaled baddassfor fighting abolish with a sword.
    Now Lynette = Mondo badass for taking a shotgun to the chest.

  4. .....




    ...whut? (O_o)

  5. Oh.
    Lyn stole something from the vanguard.
    Seems likely that this is it.

  6. Hmmm....this doesn't entirely make sense yet. Few of Lynnette's action up until this point support her being an aberration - in point of fact they contradict it. They also contradict any notion of her being with Abolish. So does her actions right now in fact, trying not to hurt the guy with the gun. And it possible for aberrations to be sane, human, and even somewhat compassionate? My impressions was no. Well all in good time I suppose.

  7. A colored shadow and an eye patch covering an injury that a reaper should be able to heal. Do we have another abomination here? I hope this one is just as much fun as the last.

  8. Aberrations have to be created at birth. This is probably some kind of technology that somehow uses soul energy.