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Page 397 -- XLVI.

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“Third time is the charm,” said Charles.

David’s smile waned. “You might disregard Nathaniel’s bumbling work, but don’t forget that she also escaped from Desmond and that big fellow whose name I forget. If they could not kill her, then do you honestly believe some grunt you send after her will?”

Nathaniel furrowed his thin brow. “So what then? Are you truly suggesting that we ignore her until she returns for our heads?”

“You misunderstand,” said David. “I’m merely saying that, perhaps, we should have more thought for the future. Helen surely intends to bring a war to our doorstep in order to reclaim her throne, but we also plan to start our own. My dear brothers, if we are to fight two wars at once, then let us not waste our time, money, and skilled personnel on pitiful assassination attempts.”

Again, a low rumble ran across the table.

Ideally, of course, Atreya would not go to war with anyone, but that was looking less and less likely every day.

“I must agree with David,” said Luther, and everyone turned to look at him. “Conservation is the wisest course of action.”

David caught Luther’s gaze again. It still told him nothing. He had been rather convincing, after all. Even he’d started to believe his own bullshit.

Gabriel folded his arms. “I do not agree. We must do everything we can to prevent her from returning.”



“Agreed here, as well.”

“I have no opinion on the matter,” said Meriwether.

David relinquished a shrug, admitting defeat. But after the discussion began to move forward again, his eyes returned to Luther, who was already looking back at him.

Chapter Forty-Six: ‘Devoted protector, choose well...’
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Over the next day, Hector trained as much as Garovel would let him. And it took a while of measuring, but he eventually discovered that his materialization ability currently held a range of eighty-eight meters. Give or take one or two.


  1. "...escaped from Desmond and that big fellow who name I forget."
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