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Still, it was pretty incredible, Hector felt, being able to create something from nearly a football field away. He noticed, however, that close to the edge of his range, precision became more difficult.

That’s to be expected,’ Garovel told him. ‘To an extent, your ability is also dependent on your sight. When you can’t clearly see what you’re making, it’ll probably end up less like you wanted.

Hector closed his eyes and materialized a cube in his hand. When he looked at it, he found a perfect box, just as desired. He smirked at the reaper.

Hey, that’s too simple. Try something more difficult. Like an animal. Oh, make a tiny giraffe. I like giraffes.

He destroyed the cube and did his best. When he opened his eyes again, he found that his work still looked very much like a giraffe. Maybe the spots were a bit off, but he wasn’t entirely sure how to picture those in his head anyway.

I see how it is. You’re trying to make me look stupid.

Hector snickered, letting the knickknack disintegrate between his fingers.

Make a baby monkey playing a banjo while riding a dinosaur.

“Oh, come on, I wouldn’t be able to do that even with my eyes open.”

Fine, then just make something big. Like a giant dildo.

“I’m not gonna make a giant dildo...”

A cock and balls, then?



“You’re... you’re way too old to be laughing at penis jokes.”

Hector, please. One can never be too old to laugh at penis jokes. And I don’t think you appreciate how valuable the materialization ability is for pulling pranks.

Hector ignored him and closed his eyes again. He chose to make a wide chamber around himself, four walls with a door and a window for each. He added a pointed ceiling with four different support beams. Abruptly, however, he heard the metal groan.

Look out,’ came Garovel’s lazy warning.

The ceiling caved in on top of him.

A cock and balls would’ve been a lot safer, you know.’


  1. Snowtail the KhajiitDecember 10, 2013 at 6:26 PM

    Damn it Garovel. How old are you again? XD This pair cracks me up

  2. I can't wait for the sassy Bohwanox v Colt Decalogue.

  3. Snowtail the KhajiitDecember 11, 2013 at 7:33 AM

    XD So very true. The reaper-servant pairs are perfect.

  4. I feel kind of bad for Garovel now. I never considered that, as a reaper, he has sexual needs. I bet he doesn't get much action.

    Now I'm imagining reaper-on-reaper action. Weird.

  5. I'll offer a bit of a spoiler here, so please beware.

    They actually don't have sexual needs. Will be discussed eventually, of course.

  6. Kinda related, and I felt like mentioning it...

    I don't know how the other readers feel about this, but I'm really, really glad that you haven't included any kind of romantic subplot yet. Most romantic subplots in action movies, stories, games, whatever annoy the hell out of me because they add absolutely nothing important and distract from the actual plot.

    However, I suppose there will eventually be romance involved. That's fine, romance definitely has its place in a story like this, offering contrast to all the death and destruction around.

    It's just, you know... there's so much that can go wrong when including romance. All the overdone crap like distressed damsels or stuff like "I can't be with you, my enemies will use you to get to me" or the ever-popular romance with zero built-up, no chemistry and no justification. I suppose what I want to say is that if you're going to include romance, be aware of this stuff. Which you probably already are. So I'm gonna shut up now.

  7. Oh, I'd love to hear everyone's opinion on this.

    I have some pretty strong feelings about it, myself. There will be romance every now and then; in fact, we've already seen some shades of it with Helen and William. And with the continually growing cast of characters, I think it'd be a bit weird and unrealistic if there was never any romance at all.

    That being said, I don't know if there'll be an actual romantic "subplot." For instance, you'll never see a love triangle in TZK. Sorry if any of you guys like to write or read love triangles, but I FUCKING HATE THEM. There are a lot of romantic cliches that I dislike, but that one is probably the worst.

  8. Helen and William? Poor Frost, he doesn't realize yet that the best way to kill a romance is with a marriage...
    But I agree that most triangles are done extremely poorly where one character simply wobbles back and forth between the two until the ratings begin to dip. There are a few rare exceptions to this, but if you don't feel confident enough, then just don't do it.
    But the annoying thing about romances in stories like this are when they become center stage. Then the whole problem of losing focus comes up.

  9. It's not a matter of confidence, RD. It's a matter of personal tastes.

  10. Then I would recommend trying to downplay things. Otherwise you risk upsetting those fans quietly pining for the Bohwanox/Colt/Hector triangle. And let's face it, if they go berserk, anything can help (and you're on your own)

  11. Team Bohwanox ftw

  12. Exactly how old *is* Garovel again? Not knocking him since I still get amused by penis jokes. I just wanna know

  13. I hate triangles. To me, a good romance is NOT about conflict and who to choose and other such stupid drama. It's just about personal growth and bonding. Being worthy of the person and having it acknowledged. For instance, Hector's big obstacle would be his intense social awkwardness. Which is part of his general need for growth. As he overcomes, the possibility of romance opens up, and he perhaps realizes it is already nearby.

    Gimme a simple, sincere blooming any day. With perhaps, like I said, some personal growth thrown in.

  14. I just get nauseated by these sort of jokes...I don't remember those being there the first time either. You are going back and making changes aren't you?

  15. This joke was definitely here the first time. When I go back and make changes, they're usually very small, as in rewordings or typo fixes, not adding in extra chunks dialogue.

  16. That was what I thought, which was why I was surprised to see things I didn't remember. I guess I just...didn't remember :).

  17. ...or chose to forget :)

  18. Oh thank the Lord, I was so worried you'd end up putting a serious romance plot eventually, but now I can read in peace knowing only minor romance will appear. And without a set couple pairing, we're free to ship who we want. I ship Hector and his iron. IT'S A VALID SHIP.