Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Page 441

~~Holiday Special (Day 4/7, Page 5/6)~~
Lynnette took a hearty swig of water. “The real problems started when it was made clear that we were not allowed to leave the facility. It became delay after delay and excuse after excuse. The Queen’s mood only worsened, and eventually, she told me to try the gauntlet on. I didn’t argue. I was just as curious as she was, really. And from there, the situation descended very quickly into chaos. I wasn’t even sure that she and Roman made it out safely until I spoke with Gina.”

“Seems... kinda reckless on the Queen’s part...”

“Perhaps. But then again, I think Her Highness was planning to have me steal it anyway, but when they started talking about taking off my arm to retrieve it, she accelerated her plans for my sake.”

“And then... you were able to beat a servant? Without any trouble, even?”

She nodded. “I’ll demonstrate how, if you want.”

That’s a very good idea,’ said Garovel. ‘You should start sparring with her as soon as possible. With Colt gone, a new training partner is invaluable right now.

“Uh... Garovel wants me to spar with you...”

“Oh yes?”

You should help her gauge how strong the gauntlet really is. And ask her for some pointers on how to use a sword. Oh, and demonstrate your powers to her, too. It’s important that she understands what you’re capable of. Also, maybe you should--

“Garovel, I get it. We’ve got a lot to do...”

I’m just offering suggestions.

He looked at Lynnette again and immediately regretted it, meeting her gaze for a moment and having to blush and look away. “Ah--uh... you really don’t mind? Training with me, I mean.”

“Sure, but before that, could you tell me about what’s been happening in Atreya? What has Abolish been doing in the capital?”

“Ah, yeah... I needed to tell you that, anyway. Because, um. I’m hoping you’ll accompany me when I go to Sescoria next week.”


  1. Awww Hector's asking her out on a date...

    Could they make an invulnerble wall, with lynette making a shadow sphere and hector empowering it with his soul?

  2. What if Hector's soul charged metal and Lynette's shade develops positive against negative effects

  3. Odd. I wonder why Vanguard was detaining Lynn and everyone...

    Yes! Lynn/Hector training sessions!

  4. "And ask her to for some pointers on how to use a sword."
    Not sure about this, but something about the "to" seems strange.