Sunday, December 1, 2013

Page 382

<“And look, I understand why you went to Sescoria. And I’m grateful for your information. But you’ve accomplished your goal now, so go back to Walton.”>

“I’m sorry, sir. I can’t do that.”

<“Gina, that’s an order. Go back to Walton.”>

“What, are you going to fire me?”


“Master Roman, the information I’ve gathered isn’t enough. We need the names and powers of all the enemy servants, along with any kind of actionable details about their plans. Just knowing that they intend to destroy Harold doesn’t help us. As things stand, we can’t beat them in a straight fight, especially without knowing what they’re capable of.”

There was a long pause. <“You’re not wrong,”> he admitted. <“And we probably won’t find reinforcements in time to save that town, either.”>

“By the way, I recorded yesterday’s news footage of Karkash. It’s not much, but it might help you convince the Vanguard of Abolish’s presence in Atreya.”

<“You only now remembered?”>

“I would have sent it to you later.”

<“You’ll have to hold off. This phone can’t play video, much less receive it from another country.”>

“Let me know when you get your hands on a better device, then.”

<“Right.”> Roman gave a sigh. <“You’re really not going to leave Sescoria, are you?”>

“No, sir.”

<“Bah. You’re at least being careful, aren’t you?”>

“Actually, sir, I intend to let them kill me for no reason.”

<“That’s not funny.”>


Wake up,’ said Garovel.

Hector’s eyes popped open, and he looked around. The twins were with him in the backseat, and when he locked eyes with Stephanie, he saw her face scrunch up and knew she would start crying if he lingered. He decided to exit the vehicle.

He met a harsh sun and a barren landscape. Not a single tree could be seen in any direction, though the waves of heat over the horizon made him wonder if his eyes could be trusted.

“Over here,” said Colt.


  1. Told you Ginas gonna die.
    She said it herself.

  2. Have they found their way into The New Devil? Because it sounds like they're in Hell.

  3. I caught up! Again! And I think if the rest of this story was nothing but Gina and Roman bickering over the phone...I wouldn't mind.

  4. @Reshri i'll name my kitten Gina, so she'd inherit her coolness, and for Gina: i hope she inherits cat's 9 lives

  5. That light banter did me a lot of good. I did say you know the importance of some ballast.

  6. Throw in Voreese and it could be its own series

  7. Why do they cry when Hector looks at them?! Lmao!!!