Sunday, December 22, 2013

Page 420

~~Holiday Special (Day 1/7, Page 2/6)~~
After all the time Hector had spent with Stephanie and Thomas, especially these past few days, it was a bit strange to think they wouldn’t be around anymore. In truth, he hadn’t given the matter much thought, which was perhaps a good thing in its own way, but now the reality of it was beginning to hit him.

He was going to miss them.

And he frowned, but not in his usual way. He frowned in a way that was almost a smile. Because while he was sad to see them go, he was also glad that they could go, that they’d be away from him, where it was safer. It was a strange mixture of emotions, one he’d felt before but never this ardently. He didn’t hate the feeling. There was a welcome sense of relief in there somewhere.

Oh, and before I forget,’ Garovel was saying, ‘how much do you know about Sai-hee?

Bohwanox bobbed his head to the side. ‘The name sounds familiar. Who is that again?

Sai-hee is one of the four servant emperors. She stays out of the fight between Abolish and the Vanguard--or at least, that’s how it was the last time I checked, which admittedly, was many years ago.

I see. Why do you bring her up?

I know that you don’t want to get involved in major conflicts. If Sai-hee’s reputation is to be believed, then neither does she.

You are suggesting Colt and I go to her for refuge?

No, no. I just mean, it might be something you’d wanna look into. I’d definitely suggest gathering more information before deciding anything.

Mm. I’d rather keep a wide berth of any emperors. I’m sure Colt would feel similarly.

Garovel offered a shrug. ‘Still, if worse comes to worst, you should know your options.

I’ll keep it in mind.

The wait wasn’t much longer. Colt returned to the garage with luggage in hand.


  1. Snowtail the KhajiitDecember 22, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    Aww. AWWW. Hector, honey…. Awwwww. I'm sure you'll see them again….So long as Frosty doesn't kill any of you. Which, given his track records, is entirely possible in the distant future…

    Aww. I'm gonna miss the kids too. XD

  2. The "the" is not necessary.
    "After all the time Hector had spent with [the] Stephanie and Thomas"

    Well, as long as Colt and the twins are off-screen, their chances of surviving are pretty high. No-one important dies off-screen,

  3. Got it, thanks.

    And haha. Y'know, some authors do that. Just kill off previously important characters with little more than a passing mention. You're correct in assuming that I wouldn't do it that way, though.

  4. Well, you're doing the opposite. Building up characters with a complicated backstory that makes them relatable, only to kill them off in a spectacular fashion a few pages later.

    Sigh. I liked Stoker.

    Then again, there haven't been that many permanent deaths, so I guess a few awesome characters dying is still better than a lot of them dying.

  5. If it's any consolation, Stoker will not be completely forgotten.

  6. well
    I haven't read in a while
    time to read 80 pages
    or I might put it off a bit more
    Should I get that prestigious haven't-read-for-100-pages award?

  7. Bye bye, not so dream team. Who's next? Lynne I assume. That should be interesting. She's a girl.

  8. God I hope so. I'm sorry, but I ship Hector and Lynnette so frigging hard!

  9. No! Don't take the twins away! Lemme...just...can I hug them before they go? Aw man I'm gonna miss them...

  10. My main issue with it is the age difference. Other than that it's a solid direction to go.

  11. Isn't she 19 to his 16? That's not so bad.

  12. The signature smiley XD