Thursday, December 26, 2013

Page 445

~~Holiday Special (Day 5/7, Page 3/6)~~
Lynnette had expressed concern that the vehicle was too flashy, that it would stand out too much, but Garovel insisted that they worry more about speed than looks. A car that could blend in was of little value when enemy reapers could track them through walls.

The plan had changed multiple times over the week due to a confluence of factors, the first of which being his training with Lynnette. In the beginning, he’d been a bit worried about hurting her, but that concern was now long dead. Lynnette completely kicked the shit out of him. So he started using his iron against her. And it made no difference whatsoever.

It was her apparent strength that allowed them to rethink their strategy for today. Suddenly, Hector wasn’t going to be faced with a two-on-one fight. If anything, he felt like he was going to be the one providing support. The only advantage he had over her was that he could see reapers and she couldn’t.

In addition to accounting for Lynnette’s presence, Gina’s information revealed that it wasn’t just the King who was trapped in the castle. So now, the plan was not just to kidnap him but to get as many people out of there as possible.

And then there was the video. That had been a trying endeavor. The sheer number of takes he had to do in order to get it right was monstrous. It was mostly him agonizing through it for hours on end, with Garovel watching and being in turns amused, bored, and irritated by the lack of progress. In fact, Hector had been prepared to keep going, but Garovel informed him that one of the takes he’d done would work very well. He was doubtful but deferred to the reaper’s opinion. And then today arrived, and he heard from Gina that Garovel had been right on the money.

Now it was just a matter of getting to the castle.


  1. man i dint expect hector to be so weak. was he using his zombie abilities like super strength and all that jazz.

  2. It was her apparent strength *that* allowed them

  3. Not sure I'm thrilled with Hector being so abruptly and dramatically overshadowed. Lets have a quick new emergence soon please.

  4. Yeah...I frowned when I saw that...

  5. Anticipation is building!!!

  6. This was stupid, just 1 shitty guwntlet make a big difference

  7. One "shitty" gauntlet made from the bones of an aberration much more powerful than Geoffrey, put on a trained warrior who was able to kill a servant while completely human...

    Yeah, I think it's justified

  8. The sheer number of takes he had to do in order [to] get it right was monstrous.