Saturday, December 28, 2013

Page 456

~~Holiday Special (Day 7/7, Page 2/6)~~
The doorway was blocked by debris, no doubt from the giant hole in the ceiling, which also served as the only source of light for the otherwise dim chamber. At the moment, though, Lynnette wasn’t feeling quite up to climbing, so she set the shadow to work trying to clear a path to the door.

“Oh, thank the goddess!” came a man’s voice. “You are still alive!”

She looked up to see the King’s blond-bearded face through the hole. “Your Highness!” said Lynnette. “Are you alright?!”

“Yes, I am fine. Do you require help getting back up here?”

And she realized that she must have fallen down to the basement level. She gathered herself, standing erect. “No,” she said. “Please wait there a moment.” She’d never used the shadow like a rope before and was thus unsure if it could even function as such, but now seemed like a good time to try. She sent a purple hook up and had it latch onto the first floor, and sure enough, she was able to pull herself up without much difficulty.

And as she met the King face-to-face again, she was reminded of her task. “Your Highness, we have to get you out of here.” She took his hand, and they started navigating the ruined hallway.

“More of them are coming,” said William.

Her brow lowered. “What do you mean?”

“Before your fight, Andres called their other comrades. I am certain they are on their way here.”

Her mouth wrenched into a frown. “All the more reason to leave, then.”

She had no idea where Hector was. Certainly, she wanted to go search for him, but from her understanding, it would only be a matter of minutes before Desmond and Andres regenerated fully. That left precious little time to get the King out. And even if she was strong enough to defeat them on her own, she knew that she still wouldn’t be able to kill them so long as she couldn’t see their reapers.

Lynnette escorted the King all the way to the front gate, where the castle’s guardsmen were busy ushering civilians to safety.


  1. "You are >a< still alive!"
    The King has an Italian accent or something?
    And in my haste to get back up to speed, I didn't really check the previous chapters too much, so hopefully everyone else found the mistakes.

  2. Missing word:
    "she set the shadow to work trying [to] clear a path"

  3. "we have to get you out here"
    out OF here

    Nooo get the sulfur user's head and squish it!!

  4. Thank God, Lynn had the presence of mind to carry out the main objective of their mission!