Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Page 385

“Why, um... ah... why is this place, uh... um...?”


Blushing again, Hector looked to the others, partly for help, partly to see if they were annoyed with him. Their faces seemed more pitying than irritated. He wasn’t sure that was any better, honestly.

Colt intervened. “I think Hector’s wondering why your boss has a bunker full of cars way out here.”

Hector breathed deep and nodded thankfully.

<“Ah.”> Gina paused. <“I suppose if Master Roman doesn’t mind you using the facility, then he won’t mind me telling you what it’s for. My understanding is that these bunkers were Voreese’s idea. She wanted places to go in the event of an attack on the mansion in Walton.”>

“Voreese is...?” Colt shifted his grip on Stephanie, trying to prevent her from grabbing onto his lower lip. He succeeded, and she tugged on his beard instead.

“Voreese is Roman’s reaper,” said Hector.

<“Voreese was also planning to use the bunkers for certain business ventures.”>

“Business ventures?” said Hector.

<“Underground delivery and rebranding services, I believe.”>

Colt snorted. “So a black market, basically.”

<“I wouldn’t know anything about that.”>

“Hector never told you that I used to be a cop, did he?”

Gina was quiet a moment. <“So like I was saying, those bunkers are for emergency shelter only.”>

“Nice. You know, it’s not like I’m in any position to arrest you.”

<“Right, so. Anyway, you can stay there, if you like. In fact, please do stay there, even if it’s only for the next few days. It’ll be easier for me if I know where you are.”>

Colt raised an eyebrow. “Easier for you, how?”

<“I’m expecting a call from Lynnette. She’s apparently on her way back to Atreya, and I’m thinking it would be good to have her meet up with you.”>

“Who’s Lynnette?”

“Oh!” said Hector. “Lynn, you mean? She’s--wait a minute. She’s coming back on her own?”

<“That’s what Master Roman said. She might need a ride, or she might already have her own. I have no idea how she’ll be getting back into the country.”>


  1. Go find her, Hector! Be Lynnette's knight in shining armor!

    Okay, bad joke, sorry.

  2. Someone had to say it.

  3. I swear to goddess, Hector has barely spoken 3 words to Lynn but I ship them so damn hard...

  4. Mahdi AparentylycntsayawsomApril 26, 2015 at 3:02 AM

    Bro you'd ship any girl near his age
    (Dials phone number)
    Hello, yes 500 on HectorxLynn
    No not coltxbowan-no!
    F this (hangs up)
    They never get anything rite

  5. B-but... he's the Darksteel Knight, not the Shiningsteel Knight.