Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Page 396

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“I do not trust these guests,” said Meriwether. “You should not have involved them in our affairs. It has become a needless complication.”

“So you keep saying,” said Gabriel. “But they have cleaned up our mess. David is correct to trust in their strength, but we must not become indolent in their presence.”

Meriwether scoffed. “They obviously have plans they are not telling us about.”

“They are a means to an end,” said Gabriel.

David took note of Luther, who had thus far said nothing. The bespectacled man was not so pristinely groomed as the others, and though he was by no means thin, neither was he as portly as David.

Luther’s quietude was expected. Even before all this chaos, he was a man of few words. David wanted to take extra care to not forget about him, and he could see that Luther was not forgetting about him, either. Luther returned David’s gaze evenly, but the man’s face was as indecipherable as ever. David wished he knew whether to be unsettled or hopeful.

“We should do more than just send the AFA,” said Nathaniel. “We should send assassins, preferably from Abolish.”

“Idiot,” said Martin. “They will not leave Atreya just because we ask them to. We have no control over their actions.”

Nathaniel frowned. “But if we explain the danger she poses, then surely--”

“Martin is right,” said Gabriel. “I already requested they send someone after her. They refused outright. I would not have called this meeting if they agreed.”

“Why would they refuse?!” said Nathaniel.

“Resources,” David offered. “No?”

Gabriel nodded.

“A problem we too face,” David continued. “If we expend resources tracking Helen down and attempting to kill her again, then that leaves fewer tools at our disposal for this war of conquest you have planned. Not to mention that whomever we send after her will probably fail anyway.”

“What makes you think that?” said Gabriel. “She is only a woman.”

David smiled for everyone. “Yes, well, that woman has survived two assassination attempts.”


  1. " but the man’s face was as illegible as always"
    I'm not sure 'illegible' is the right word. While it does mean 'hard to read', I always got the impression it refers specifically to the written word, not a facial expression.

    "then that leaves fewer tools out our disposal"
    out -> at

    Ze plot, eet thickenz!!

  2. Ho hum, ho hum. Decision time. I mean, I do feel that "illegible" is an appropriate word for the context. Everyone can understand its contextual meaning perfect well. But at the same time... "legible" is supposed to only apply to writing, so... eh... I'm a bit torn. I guess I'll change it to "indecipherable."

    And I fixed the "at," thank you.

  3. I like indecipherable better.:)

  4. They are a means to an end" Don´t know if the a is correct

  5. Ah, no, it's correct the way it is. He's referring to them as a single, "collective" means to an end. Appreciate the check, though.

  6. But she is only a woman. Bah. People who can't learn from their own experience are annoying.

  7. Damn. I don't think any other character made me like them as quick David did. Reese comes close though