Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Page 331

<“Hmm. Well, anyway, to answer your question, I’m pretty sure they want to use Sescoria as their base of operations. They’ve been stockpiling weapons and building a perimeter around the city. It wouldn’t make much sense to attack it.”>

At least not yet,’ added Garovel. ‘Ask her about Roman.’

“Is there any news from Roman?” said Hector.

<“He contacted me a couple weeks ago, but only to say that their leads in Korgum didn’t pan out.”>

“Ah--are they okay?”

<“He didn’t go into detail, but it sounded like they’ve had a rough time of it, as well. I’ll let you know if Master Roman contacts me again. I’m sure he’ll be interested to hear about your situation, too.”>


<“Is there anything else I can do for you?”>

“Ah--we were just on our way to Walton, actually. We were, uh, hoping for a place to stay. Temporarily, I mean.”

<“I would take you in, but I’m not in Walton, right now. I’m in Sescoria. And I doubt you want to come here.”>


<“If you want, I could make some calls and find you a different place.”>

Hector eyed the others. Garovel shook his head, and Hector said, “No, that’s okay. We’ll figure something else out.”


“Thank you for the information,” he said. “And please, um. Be careful.”

<“Same to you. I’ll call you whenever I learn anything useful.”>

“And if you, uh--if you--ah...”


“I-if you get into trouble, then please call me. I’ll come help you.”

She paused for a giggle. <“You’d never reach me in time, but thanks.”> And she hung up.

“Pretty brave friend you got there,” said Colt.



Stoker concealed the tattoo on his face under a gray hood as he drove. There weren’t many ways out of Sescoria, at the moment. All the major roads were being watched, and the smaller ones had been closed off. It was fortunate, then, that Stoker was supposed to be the one watching the southern gate.

Or at least, it seemed fortunate--right up until Nize informed him that Karkash was standing in the middle of the road straight ahead. Arms folded. Waiting.


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  2. Okay, i just have to ask. If they really wanted to get away, Why not send the reaper away first? tell the others it is escorting a soul to the other side wile it gets 100 miles away. Then the servant can just kill himself in a way that destroys the brain. After that it is a simple matter to him to be regenerated very far away. and they are free.

  3. That's actually doable, but there are two problems which would deter the strategy.

    First, they would know something was up when the reaper left on its own. An excuse like "escorting a soul" would not fly with the other members of Abolish, as they generally don't both with such things; but even on the occasions when they do, the other reapers would be able to see Nize vanish with the soul. If she went off somewhere else, they'd notice, especially with all the different reapers scouting the city.

    Second, if they figure out what Stoker and Nize are up to before Stoker can destroy his own brain, they will kill him and preserve the brain, at which point all is lost.

    So it's possible, yes, but still pretty risky.

  4. I just found this story a few days ago.

    As for the other reapers seeing nize leave? it has been pointed out that reapers can pass through the ground. So sink into the ground and travel 100 miles that way. Or can the reapers see through solid rock?

    As for stopping stoker from killing himself in a way that destroys the brain. A normal bullet to the brain can do that. they are arming up for a war, I'm sure he can lay hands on a grenade or something.

  5. Reapers can can't quite "see" through objects, but they can "sense" souls within a certain distance, at least--like how Garovel and Bohwanox could sense Geoffrey's freaky aberration presence through the door that first time. If Nize just went underground instead of disappearing into the void, they wouldn't be fooled.

    Also, a bullet would probably not destroy enough of the brain unless it was quite high caliber. A grenade would definitely do the trick, though.

  6. Oh my gosh, THANK YOU. It's a massive pain to click next/previous page repeatedly when you're trying to find just WHERE exactly in a chapter this one paragraph you're looking for is.

  7. Nice transfer of info there. I'm surprised though that Hector didn't tell Gina to tell Roman that Geoffrey was dead. Seemed like info Roman would wanna know since he and Reese wanted to kill Geoffrey the instant they saw him