Monday, October 21, 2013

Page 302

--donation bonus (day #14, post 1/5)--
There were currently eight servants in Sescoria, including himself. Whenever Moss finally returned, it would be nine, but Desmond was starting to wonder if that would even happen. He’d tried calling Geoffrey, as well, but to no end. Normally, he would be tasked with hunting them down and confirming their deaths, but he was told that the mission took precedence this time.

Desmond turned when he heard the door open.

Two men entered, each with a reaper at his back. Stoker was the taller man with a shaved head and swirling tattoo on the side of his face. Karkash had bronzy skin and a thin beard, as well as one of the most penetrating stares Desmond had ever seen. Their female reapers were Nize and Hoyohté, respectively--which, to Desmond’s eyes, were wispy, black-cloaked entities with white masks instead of faces.

These four were different from the other reinforcements. They were on loan from the other side of Abolish--the 32nd Anti-Air Division under Dozer, to be precise. They had been added to the mission at the last minute, supposedly as “goodwill ambassadors,” but Desmond would have sooner proceeded without them if he could have. The key difference, he had always found, between the Morgunovs and the Dozers, was that the Morgunovs knew how to have a good time, while the Dozers were a bunch of uptight, joyless shitbags. And these ones here had yet to prove themselves as exceptions.

Still, they were allies, so he put on a smile for them. “How are the air defenses?”

“Will be completed soon,” said Karkash. His thick accent put a roll in his l’s.

“What brings you back here, then?” said Desmond.

Karkash reached into his sashed coat and retrieved a gray folder. He nodded toward the King. “Need stamps and signatures.”

Desmond shrugged and made way for them.

Karkash tossed the folder on the King’s desk. “Sign.”

William opened it slowly and began reading.


  1. First time trying the new posting system. Hopefully this works out.
    Clarification needed: 32nd Ant[ i ]-Air ? Not sure if Ant-Air actually means something in this universe or if the weird hyphen rules in word processors caused you to miss this error.
    And after taking a look at the webfic ranking thing, I have to admit that it is a really weird system. Sometimes I see you in the top 5, other times you are dropped down into the top 10. I know about the votes expiring, but I guess that is supposed to be some kind of guard from spamming votes at one time or something. It makes me wonder if someone in the past tried to rig things.

  2. Ah, yes, that was supposed to be Anti-Air. Fixed now, thanks.

    I actually like the expiring votes thing. It keeps the list current, rather than all the top stories being ones that ended years ago.

  3. Whoa, how many reapers and servants are there in the world? If there are at least 32 divisions in Abolish's structure, that means there are a hell of a lot more players than I thought.

  4. Stoker...? Why does that name sound familiar?

    Anyway, Hector and the rest need to get the fuck outta Atreya. Like, yesterday. Nearly 10 Abolish reaper/servant teams in the capital alone. Jeez...

    William...unless you have the balls to die for what you believe in, don't even read those papers, just sign em

  5. I forgot Karkat.