Thursday, October 17, 2013

Page 291

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Bohwanox looked between the two servants. ‘I was not aware that Colt had killed innocents. But even so, it hardly matters now.

“What?” said Hector.

Colt will not be killing anyone without my permission. As far as I am concerned, his past deeds are of no consequence.

Hector ground his teeth. “That’s not the point!” he said. “You should have revived someone more deserving of it than him! Someone who wasn’t a murderer!”

It makes little difference to me,’ said Bohwanox.

“What the fuck is your problem?” said Colt.

I think Hector has a point,’ said Garovel. ‘There is no shortage of potential servants. While I don’t think you should be too judgmental of how people lived their lives, you really shouldn’t resurrect murderers.

It was Bohwanox’s turn to look annoyed. ‘Colt is a skilled fighter. He is a very practical choice as a servant. And what of his children? Does depriving them of their father mean nothing to you?

Maybe. But then again, they might be better off in someone else’s care.

“You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about,” said Colt.

“Oh no?” said Hector. “How much danger have they been put in because of you, huh? And then you went and... y-you fucking... dragged me into your shit... and now...”

Everyone fell quiet for a time.

“So that’s what this is,” said Colt. “You blame me for the deaths of your friends and your father. Is that about right?”

Hector just glared at him.

“Fine.” Colt removed his coat and tossed it on the hood of the car. “Blame me. Get mad at me all you like. I can take it.” He walked up a grassy hill, motioning for Hector to follow. “So come on. Come beat the shit out of me. If you can.”


  1. I spotted two errors on this one:
    The first is that there is an extra space before a quotation mark- "someone else's care.> <"
    Next one is "How much danger [have] they been put in"

    So on another note, this is kind of late, but I was wondering about something:
    Is Geoffrey actually gone? We know that by being an aberration, he has (had?) the potential to become a reaper. Is it possible that even though he is no longer among the living, he could actually recruit a servant to fight Hector in his place?

    1. Ooohhh, what if he got all of Geoffrey's powers too? So he turns even other servants into slavering monsters?

    2. Fixed. Thanks.

      And that will be clarified soon.

  2. You know, is it normal for my brain to auto-correct when I read so I don't notice spelling errors? Because that appears to happen a lot with all the ones I don't notice getting reported. Only the one above noticed in the past, like 200 pages :/

  3. Ah maturity. I like that Colt can react the way he does, without apparently getting all stupid about it.

  4. Everyone's brain tends to auto-correct

  5. Ah...ok, I have to admit he's acting a little emo now. It's not Colt's fault at all. It was Hector who approached Colt in the beginning even.

    If anything, I blame Vincent. Fucking idiot stopped Roman and Reese from burning Geoffrey to a crisp

  6. I blame Marmite. Stupid Marmite, ruining everything.