Sunday, October 20, 2013

Page 301

Their breakfast began to arrive in increments, the waiter apologizing for additional delays on certain dishes. Hector welcomed the distraction, and apparently so did Colt.

At length, however, Garovel revived the topic. ‘I hate to ask this, but who else knows about your wife?

“We never married,” said Colt. “And why do you ask?”

Because you might make enemies who would use her against you,’ said Garovel. ‘Her mental state would only make her more appealing to Abolish as a potential servant. If they learn about her connection to you, then you could find her trying to kill you one day.’

Colt snorted. “I would enjoy that.”


“It’d give me more than enough of a reason.”

A silence fell after that, but Garovel’s words began to nag at Hector. He soon turned to meet the reaper’s gaze, deciding to keep his next question just between the two of them. ‘Abolish will go after people we care about?


But then... Garovel, I...

Your mother will be fine. For now.

...And what about later?

Depending on how things go, and if she’s still unwilling to listen when we return for her, then. Well. You may have to kidnap her for her own safety.

Aw, man...


Desmond Grantier scratched his chin, eyeing the checkerboard in front of him. It was not a complicated game, but Desmond liked to take his time in deciding his moves.

The person across from him did not seem interested in playing.

“More of a chess man, huh?” said Desmond. “How’s the pain today?”

The King of Atreya merely returned a haggard expression. The man’s silky white shirt hung loose over his missing left arm. Most of the shoulder was gone as well.

“We can get you more meds, if you like. Just no hospital. You need to look strong and presentable.” At William’s continued silence, Desmond shrugged.

Ezmortig had gone off to discuss strategy with the other reapers, leaving Desmond by himself on babysitting duty. It was a dull job and not one he would have chosen for himself, but none of the other reapers wanted to leave their servants alone with the King.


  1. Already been working on that, actually, Will be up in a couple weeks or so.

  2. Damn! Ninja'd by the author himself. XP

  3. Aw, man...
    Seems like a bit of an underwhelming response to me. Fuck!, Damn It!, or the goddess something or another. I mean, the man just jumped out a 7 story window because the lady asked him to leave.

  4. Back with the King. I wonder if he knows Helen is still alive?

    And yes! This means that soon we'll see Hector's other aliies!

  5. You should create a character bios page. Just so that people who take breaks for weeks every now and then (like yours truly) can go back and remember who is who. Because I know Desmond existed but I can't remember who he is exactly.
    Besides, it's cool to have everything typed up in one place. Makes it easier for us common mortals. XD
    Thanks for all your hard work! ^^