Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Page 261

“What’s the matter?” said Hector.

“When Geoffrey killed me, I lost my phone,” said Colt. “And I think he must have taken it and sent you those text messages.”

Hector squinted, still confused and looking between Colt and Bohwanox. “What’re you...? But then...”

Colt reread the messages. “Did Geoffrey not attack you?”

“N-no, I...” And then he, too, understood. The sudden horror was a lightning bolt through his chest. He could only whisper his next words. “He followed me home...!”

Hector ran for the bike.

“I’ll go with you,” said Colt.

“No!” Hector yelled as the engine roared to life. “Geoffrey would kill all of you!”

“I can help--”

“No, you can’t!” Hector had no patience for the man. “Just! Get out of the city! I’ll call you when it’s safe!” He punched the throttle, and the bike tore down the street with screeching tires.

The sun had already risen. Traffic was growing, but he still had enough room to weave between cars without much trouble.

Garovel, if you can hear me... I think Geoffrey knows where I live. I think he might be there right now.

He reached the house. He let the bike fall on its side and ran through the front door.

His father was in the kitchen, washing his hands in the sink. The man stood facing the small window, whistling calmly, as if nothing were wrong at all.

Hector looked around. Everything seemed normal. He’d expected the worst--blood, destruction, hostages or even dead bodies--but there was none of that. No sign of violence that he could see. No sign of Geoffrey, either.

Hesitant, uncertain, he slowly approached his father. “...Dad?”

The man turned and saw him. “Whoa there. Um. Hector? You’re...” He dried his hands with a towel. “Hmm. What’s that on your head?”

He decided to ignore that question for now. “Dad, is... is everything okay?”

“What do you mean?”

He stared at his father’s face. It wasn’t vacant and lifeless like one of Geoffrey’s puppets, and Hector was silently relieved. “Did, uh... did anyone come to the house?”

“Just your friend.”

He stiffened. “Which friend?”



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