Monday, October 21, 2013

Page 306

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What do we do with the kids while you’re dead?’ said Bohwanox.

“We can take turns.” Colt looked at Hector. “I can trust you to take care of them for a few days, right?”

“Of course, but...”

“But what?”

It might make a difference for you and Bohwanox,’ said Garovel, ‘but for Hector and me, it wouldn’t really matter. It’s not like we’d go live off the grid somewhere afterward.

Colt gave a sideways nod. “Hmm.”

Even if we do your plan, Hector’s just gonna end up drawing attention to himself again. The police would still come after us. They’d just be really confused about it. In fact, it’d probably draw even more attention to Hector. From truly dangerous people.

“I see your point.”

“And besides, uh... I, ah...”


Hector scratched his brow. “I don’t want my mom to believe I’m dead... unless, y’know... I actually am.”

“Fair enough, I suppose.”

But if you two wanna do that, it’s your call, of course. I’d ask you to wait until we’re ready to part ways, though. Otherwise, we might accidentally ruin your cover by leading the police back to you.

Bohwanox eyed them both. ‘You are going to start fighting crime in Klein, now?

Of course. It’s also a good way for Hector to train.

You will only alert the police to our location again.

Probably. Be ready to leave in a hurry when we get back.

And despite Bohwanox’s displeasure, Hector and Garovel soon ventured out into the city. Without a motorcycle, it was slow going. Hector remembered this feeling of having to run everywhere. He didn’t mind it terribly, but he could have done without all the sweat.

It was a long night, but Garovel found him plenty to do. Klein’s criminal element seemed no less active than Brighton’s, but the highlight of the evening was when Garovel stumbled upon an imminent murder--made clear to the reaper by the aura of death surrounding the would-be victim.


  1. “We can take turns”
    Needs a .

  2. I don't understand the reasons you gave for not using Colt's plan but it's no biggie. Hector and Garovel have serious balls starting trouble in this new city...