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“Destruction, huh?” Colt made two fists. “I can work with that.”

There are very few things which can withstand spatial distortions,’ said Garovel. ‘And with sufficient development of your power, there will likely be NOTHING that can.

“Cool. So I need to get meditating, then?”


“Before that,” said Hector, “there’s, uh... something I’ve been meaning to ask. These, ah, servant abilities... how many different kinds are there?”

Six,’ said Garovel. ‘That is, there are six broad categories. As for individual abilities, there’s no set number, as far as I know. But the six categories are called materialization, transfiguration, alteration, destruction, mutation, and integration.

“I remember you mentioning the first three before,” said Hector. “I’m materialization, right?”

Right. You already know people with the first four. Desmond is transfiguration; Roman is alteration; and of course, Colt is destruction. As far as the other two types are concerned, mutation is by far the rarest type, so it’s not surprising that you haven’t met someone with it yet.

“Why is it so rare?” said Hector. “Is it, like, really powerful or something...?”

Actually, it’s kinda the opposite problem. The mutation type has a reputation for being weaker than the others--which isn’t actually true, by the way. But a lot of reapers don’t like it, because it’s much more of a double-edged sword than any other type. See, mutation abilities allow the user to make PERMANENT changes to their body. Unlike transfiguration, which changes one’s body chemistry temporarily, mutation will cause the servant’s regeneration power to maintain its changes. This means that even just learning to control the ability is dangerous, because the servant could end up accidentally disfiguring or disabling themself.


Yeah. And even if it’s a problem that normally could be fixed with surgery, the servant will still just regenerate to its mutated state. The only potential solution is to induce a second change which counters the detrimental effects of the first change--and that can easily end up making the problem worse.

“Damn,” said Colt. “Glad I didn’t get saddled with that shit.”


  1. Will have an "abilities chart" up soon to help everyone remember this stuff. I know it's a lot to absorb.

  2. Obscure meme time... but I can totally see Colt declaming something in the lines of "I am Sanger, Sanger Zombolt. The Sword that smites Evil. There is nothing my Colossal Blade cannot cut! CHEST!!!"

    If he shouted that, I'd die of laugh... literally xD

  3. "Learning to control [this/that/the] ability is dangerous"
    You're missing a word there and have choices on what it could be. Hopefully the spaces are preserved this time to make it easier to read

  4. Fixed. Thank you, RD.

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  6. It has a voice?

  7. At last! A definite number of categories of Abilities. Thank you! Mutation sounds frightening, but I can already see how that ability could be ridiculously powerful in the hands of someone skillful