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Page 320 -- XXXVIII.

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Bohwanox invoked the regeneration, relieving the pain as well, and Colt returned to meditating.

It was not long before Hector stopped his own meditation and left. Garovel followed, though not quickly.

Colt could imagine what silent conversation the two were having. “Damn that kid. He’s gonna lose his mind if he doesn’t fucking relax.”

Bohwanox’s faceless hood tilted a little. ‘Are you worried about him? I thought you only cared about your children.

Colt just frowned.

Chapter Thirty-Eight: ‘O, burgeoning snare...’
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Stoker followed Karkash into the King’s office again. He didn’t know what had gotten the other man so upset. He wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to find out, either, but Karkash did not seem willing to allow otherwise.

Karkash laid a newspaper out on the desk, and Stoker and Desmond both looked at it. There was an article on the third page, talking about the so-called Darksteel Soldier, now known to be a criminal by the name of Hector Goffe.

“This person is a servant,” said Karkash.

“Oh, yeah,” said Desmond. “I was meaning to go and kill that guy, but I haven’t had the time.”

“You know him?” said Stoker.

“I think so. We fought a few weeks back. I didn’t catch his name, but I’ve heard about him using metal, so I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy.”

“You let him get away?” said Karkash.

Desmond just shrugged.

Karkash’s eyes were daggers. Desmond seemed immune to their effects, however.

You should have hunted him down already,’ said Hoyohté. ‘What if he returns with reinforcements?

Desmond laughed, and his eyes widened. “I hope he does! I’ve been bored out of my skull!”

Ezmortig floated around his servant. ‘Come to think of it, this Hector Goffe could be the reason Ozmere and Moss have not returned.

Desmond’s brow receded. “Hmm, you think so? He didn’t seem strong enough to take down Moss.”

Perhaps he is more dangerous than we realized,’ said Ezmortig. ‘It is strange that he is not hiding like the Queen.’


  1. So about that destruction ability, is the range limited to colt's touch or can it increase?

  2. "Imagine the path" pretty much describe it as long range. Specially since it's been described not as "matter destruction" but as "spatial destruction". Doesn't really matter that much if you need to initiate it at your hand, if you can create a path 300 yards long, does it?

  3. Why has abolish not used this ability to just kill everyone and everything?

  4. Well, I'm sure there're PLENTY of servants in abolish who own destruction abilities. And probably many of them have spatial destruction, too. So that's a valid question.

    If you ask me, I'd say it's because you cannot kill everyone all at once. Not even the most powerful servant can. And once they started mass killing people like that, you'd have 1, or 2 shots at max, because every non-abolish servant would zero on you. Besides, it would be VERY tiring, to shot as many times required to kill the entire world, EVEN if someone had that kind of range.

    Then, you'd need to consider that REAPERS are the ones wanting to kill every living soul, but not servants. And servants not always fully agree with their reapers. Any servant able to kill the entire population that fast would have to be suicidal, literally, since he'd know for sure he'd be released after it... because ALL souls must have crossed for abolish's goals to be fulfilled. He could also be crazy enough... but who knows why crazy people act? Maybe there's some sort of lunatic with this kind of power, just waiting for the fairy godmother to give him the signal... and his reaper is desperatedly trying to pass himself as a fairy godmother to get him to move xD

    In short. powers have limits. It's VERY unlikely that someone can destroy a path to Earth's core, for example. Spatial destruction is a focused beam, so, even if someone could carve a path 2 feet wide, he'd have to "shoot" that power millions of time to kill everyone, even if it had very long range. (you'd kill someone 2 miles away, but not the person 3 feet to the right of that one). And then, the time someone did this, they're dead, cause someone else with this power would follow the path back, and kill the shooter, who would be quite tired to dodge by then.

  5. EPIC BROMANCE Hector/Colt. Colt learns to have feels, Hector can speak in full sentences to Colt.

  6. Fuuuck now Abolish knows who Hector is.

    Actually this might mean that Roman and the rest would know what happened to Hector too. I hope so