Sunday, October 27, 2013

Page 327

Bohwanox found them a tight intersection with a small underground tunnel, no doubt meant to let cars pass below the train tracks at ground level. Colt went into the tunnel, stopped the car when they were out of view, and then doubled back and turned down a different street.

The reapers soon confirmed that there was no one following.

Colt headed northeast. “So where the hell do we go now?” he said as they reached the city’s outer limits. “Still think we shouldn’t leave the country?”

The two reapers kept pace with the vehicle on either side.

Garovel, what do you think?

I vote for Zeke.


It’s on the way to Walton, where we might have a friend.’ He looked at Hector. ‘Perhaps it’s time we gave Gina a call.

“Who’s Gina?” said Colt.

Admittedly,’ said Garovel, ‘we don’t know all that much about her. But she and her boss helped us out before. She might not be so welcoming with all the attention Hector’s gotten, but it’s worth trying.

Hector found her number in his cellphone, but the call didn’t go through. “I don’t have reception...”

Try again when we get to Zeke.’


The cabin grew quiet for a while. Hector removed his helm and watched the long stretches of tawny grassland pass by the window, flat as far as the eye could see with only the occasional tree to break the pattern.

How are you feeling?’ Garovel said privately.

Hector frowned. ‘Garovel, I hurt a cop...

I saw.

His frown only deepened.

It was an unfortunate accident,’ said Garovel. ‘Don’t get hung up on--

No, I... I mean, that’s just it... I did it on purpose.

The reaper was quiet a moment. ‘What?

For a second there, I... I was just so pissed off... because of... because of everything, I guess.’ He rubbed his forehead and took a long breath. ‘The guy was like the hundredth person to get in my way, and I just... I lost my head... I wanted to hurt him. And I did.


  1. but it's [wroth] trying.
    First typo I catch! XDD

  2. The guy was like [the] hundredth person...
    [the] is missing.
    Two in a row! Go me! XDD

  3. no about meant to

    no doubt meant to? I think that's what its supposed to be.

  4. Indeed, thank you.

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  7. Bout time they're calling Gina! And I just remembered last page the twins started crying again once Hector got a hold of them! Lmao!

    C'mon Hector, you're not alright. You need to deal with the trauma...