Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Page 271

Hector coated his own body, focusing the iron with his soul. From his chest, a metal spike tore through the red shade, but a moment later, the shadow cut it off and filled the hole back in. He could feel it tightening around his body, digging through metal and scratching his flesh.

“How dull,” said Geoffrey. “I am so much stronger than you now. But we both know that killing you alone is useless. So come on. Bring your reaper here.”

“I can’t,” he said through clenched teeth.

“You would let this poor woman die to protect someone who is already dead?”

“No... I mean I can’t contact him right now.”

Geoffrey frowned. “Oh. Well, that is unfortunate. Perhaps we will try again later, then.”

Hector tensed, knowing that wasn’t all.

“I have had quite enough of waiting, however, so this teacher of yours will have to die in the meantime.”

“No!” He thrashed, creating metal frantically, fighting vainly with the red again. “Don’t you dare hurt her!”

“Then stop me,” said Geoffrey. “Give me a real fight, at least. Amuse me. Fail, and this will not end with Ms. Trent. When we are done here, we will go visit your mother at work and try again. Hopefully, your reaper will be ready by then.”

He needed more. Burdened under panic, he could barely keep focus. This feeling, this desperation, he knew it well. He just had to make that same mental leap again. So why was it taking him so long? Why wouldn’t it just fucking work already? So many people had died. This stupid metal power. It had to evolve again. There was no other option. With every ounce of pressure in his mind, he demanded more. A growling scream exploded out of his mouth. His throat shredded itself.

And finally. He felt it there. The response.

A metal coat enveloped Hector in a flash. Massive spikes shot out all over his body, ripping dozens of holes into the shadow.


  1. MOOOOOORRRREEEEEEE....please...

  2. Well now
    Soon hector will be able to make a mech around himself

  3. The Zombie Knight awakens.

    Armed and armored he walks.

    Justice will be done.

  4. Mostly it was the first line that came irresistibly to mind when he formed the spiked suit. Between that, the shield, and the sword, that's just what it felt like. It was a rough crude form, but undeniable.

  5. Ah you took my comment lol

  6. YES! You have to win this, Hector!