Monday, October 28, 2013

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Thankfully, they’d already stopped at a gas station, and Hector was quick to seek refuge in the air outside the car.

Colt was filling up the tank. The man smirked when he saw Hector. “Was wondering if you’d be able to sleep through that.”

Hector enjoyed another gulp of fresh air before responding. “Where are we?”

“Nearly to Maxwell,” said Colt. “Maybe you should try to call your friend again.”

“Ah... I could help you change the kids, if you want.”

“You know how to change a diaper?”

“Yeah. My, uh...” He frowned. “Yeah, I know how.”

“Mm. Still, you should call your friend. I’m fine changing them both.”

Hector nodded and pulled out his phone. To his surprise, he already had several missed calls from Gina. She’d sent a few texts, as well, all warning him that she thought someone might be coming to kill him. Not exactly news, generally-speaking, but she had details. Karkash. A man who could control electromagnetic fields.

Garovel floated over his shoulder, reading. ‘Looks like Gina’s been busy.

He decided to give her a call.

She picked up after a single ring. <“Hector!”>

“Uh, h-hi.”

<“You got my messages?”>


<“I’m not completely sure that they’re coming after you, to be honest. It sounded like they were talking to reapers, so I only caught half the conversation, but they mentioned someone who uses metal being in trouble because of Karkash--who, by the way, does not sound like a very nice person. After seeing you in the news, I figured the metal guy was you. What the hell happened to you, anyway? You didn’t actually kill all those people, right?”>

Hector blinked a few times. “N-no, of course I didn’t. How do you know about this Karkash, anyway? It sounds like you bugged someone or--”

<“Yeah, I planted bugs all over Belgrant Castle. The people who are holding the King hostage--I’ve been listening to their conversations.”>



  1. Not relevant to the story but it still matters to me and probably a lot of you


  2. When you're right, you're right.

  3. As a spanish speaking person... Tacos are GREATLY overrated.

  4. I dunno about that. I can always appreciate a well-made taco.

  5. That's because you haven't tasted well-made gazpacho, or migas. Picadillo, also was an instant hit in UK when my sister made it for her neighbours.

  6. Fair point. But I'd like to think my appreciation for tacos would not be mitigated by acquiring an even greater appreciation for other foods, even they are similar to tacos.

  7. Remember when you said that you had updated so often because of donations?
    Well that is clearly false as the top says it updates twice daily.
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  8. Hmm. Not sure what you're getting at. On donation bonus days, I post five times, not two. You can see a record of all the days I've done donation bonuses in the Donate tab. I randomly post twice a day in order to fulfill a promised quota of 40 non-donation-bonus posts per month. It says "Currently updating TWICE daily" at the top because that's what I'm currently doing.

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  12. Snowtail the KhajiitOctober 29, 2013 at 10:21 PM

    That makes two of us. XD

  13. Gina is a badass. She just waltzed into the castle full of enemy reapers and bugged all of it. And she's so casual about how she bugged it.

  14. She plants bugs and doesn't afraid of anything

  15. Oh man, I see we're getting to the meat of this arc quite fast...