Monday, October 14, 2013

Page 283 -- XXXIII.

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The chopper was certainly persistent. Clearly, as long as it remained in pursuit, police cars would keep finding him. If he couldn’t flee from it, then he needed to neutralize it--without harming whoever was inside, of course.

Hector waited for the helicopter to draw closer. Then he attached four metal pillars to its landing skids and looped the other ends around separate streetlights. He added a fifth to the tail and attached it to a fire hydrant. He turned the bike around and rode off in a different direction, this time without his pursuer.

He just went straight. He didn’t know what else to do. The more he tried to think, the worse he felt. After a while, he ran out of city. He kept going.

Barren grasslands filled the horizon, save the occasional rise of boulders. He pulled into the road’s shoulder, then into the grass and dirt, and finally stopped next to a cluster of rocks.

And it was finally quiet. He finally had space to breathe. To think. He got off the bike. He pulled off the helm and let it drop from his fingers while he looked out, Brighton in the distance.

He collapsed. Unconsciousness embraced him then and there.

When he awoke, his face was in the dirt. Blue sky and white clouds greeted him. The sun had only just begun to wane.

Hector shut his eyes. ‘...Garovel?

Hector! Where are you?! What the fuck happened?!

He started sobbing.

Chapter Thirty-Three: ‘O, solemn child...’
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For a time, he couldn’t even respond.

Hector?! I... I went to the house, and I saw Geoffrey’s body. And Nathan’s. And. I checked the school and--I... Hector, talk to me.

Everything went wrong, Garovel... everything is... it’s all... I can’t...


  1. Oh my stars and little fishes!
    I come back, and Geoffrey's dead!
    (... and some other stuff. )
    It isn't even my birthday!

  2. Why is there no fanart for this? It would be exquisite I tell you, seeing garovel "Walk" in on all this, frames for the fights, ah if only we had a fanbase like homestuck's.

    1. Maybe one day.

      If folks start making fanart, though, then I'd be happy to create a Gallery tab to display it in and link to the artists' other works.

  3. "He ran out of [the] city" I'm not sure if this is intentional or not.

    Also, I need to ask where page 284 is. We are currently going from 283 to 285. Is this some kind of evil scheme to force us to buy an e-book? How brutal marketing tactics have evolved... [/sarcasm]

    1. That one was intentional. The misnumbering, however, was not, so thank you for that catch. I always figured I'd screw the numbers up one day. I've almost done it several times before, actually. It's weirdly easy to fuck up.

  4. "finally stooped next to"
    stooped -> stopped
    Since he's still on the bike at that point.

    I have this mental image of him faceplanting unconscious onto the ground. It is horrible.

  5. He fought so well, but no happy least, not yet.

  6. Uh, not unless I missed even more geography than I thought. Is Atreya a continent or a European state?

  7. Huh? Atreya is a small country, but the world isn't even Earth. It's some other E-word that I keep forgetting

  8. I feel like shit. Hector literally gave it all he could against the odds. But I know he's thinking it wasn't enough.

    And Garovel. I actually fear to see how he's gonna feel...

  9. This world mirrors our own right? In our world, there rarely is a happy ending for a hero...

  10. Poor Hector i really hope that Garovel will be able to comfort him through all of this.