Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Colt looked at the blood on his fingers. It wasn’t a lot, thankfully, but the fact that it belonged to his daughter was already too much cause for concern. “I hurt her? What the fuck did I just do?!”

Wait right there. My knowledge here is limited.’ Bohwanox left and soon returned with Garovel and Hector.

Hector went straight for Stephanie.

Garovel floated around Colt. ‘Show me your hands, please.

He held them out.

Hmm. No trace elements. Not materialization. Hector, how is she?

“Uh... I think she’s okay. It’s just a little cut. The bleeding’s almost stopped already.”

A cut?’ Garovel moved to examine the girl’s arm.

Colt was afraid to even get close to her again.

Ah,’ said Garovel after a spell. ‘I see. You have a destruction ability.

What does that mean, exactly?’ said Bohwanox.

The destruction type is considerably simpler than the other types, because all such abilities are basically the same. Essentially, you have the power to rip space apart.

Colt cocked an eyebrow. “...‘scuse me?”

At the moment, of course, your power is still quite weak, but it is nonetheless dangerous. You shouldn’t hold the children until you’re able to get it under control.

“How long will that be?”

If you focus on your meditation, it shouldn’t be more than a couple days.

“Um,” said Hector, “sorry to interrupt, but... Colt can rip space apart? Ah, is that...? I mean--how the fuck?”

Destruction type abilities make a kind of “path.” That is, a path which should not otherwise exist.’ Garovel eyed Colt. ‘Theoretically, no matter how tough or durable something is, you can still destroy it, because you attack the space it occupies, rather than the thing itself.

Colt eyed his hands again. “Hmm.”

This is also called the “geometric” type by some, because the “path” you make always conforms to some two-dimensional pattern. Right now, it’s too early to tell what your shape is, but it doesn’t really make much difference. Whether you destroy things with squares or circles or some crazy polygon with a thousand sides, the end result is the same. It’s still destroyed.


  1. I bet it'll be hearts <3

  2. Heart is an awesome power.

  3. Well, I am stumped... Unless there's something we don't know about Colt... this destroys my "personality influences power" theory... But it could STILL be a bullet =P

  4. With your powers combined, I AM CAPTAIN PLANET!!!

  5. Plain, simple destruction. How appropriate.

  6. Destruction? Meh, ok. We'll see how cool it actually is when he starts using it

  7. I'm watching Noein now so QUANTUM SHIT OR SOMETHING comes to mind. Or not. I really shouldn't expect science here. Ripping space just does that to me.

  8. Let's all just be glad it's Colt with this power and not some bad guy. Although I'm sure we'll come across that sooner or later. Also, COOL POWER YO'.

  9. I'm thinking Damian might be an extremely powerful destruction user.



  12. Dude, I read most of the tropes on that site, just quote the name and I can tell what you mean :P

  13. Focused, single-minded and entirely willing to crash through you if you get in the way? Sure sounds like Colt to me.

  14. You commented a link and I couldn't resist commenting the counter-trope's link. It was supposed to be funny.

  15. It looked more like you tried being a smartass and correcting me, I guess it's good to know that that wasn't the case.
    FYI, my first guess was that you were failing miserably at being funny.