Sunday, October 13, 2013

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The problem was Geoffrey’s mobility, Hector knew. A mere iron coating had proved useless, but thick barriers had not, so that was what he went for when he saw more red snakes reaching for him. And with another wall in the way, he couldn’t see Geoffrey, but he didn’t need to. He only wanted to limit the aberration’s options. He steadily placed more barriers around the room, soon creating a small maze, and each time the shadows managed to find him again, he hacked them down.

“I see what you are trying to do!” Geoffrey said from beyond a wall. “It will not work!” An iron pillar shot out at him, and he narrowly slid out of the way, going right. Another pillar appeared, this time blocking the path rather than attacking, and Geoffrey ducked under it, only to find still another metal beam there. He turned around, and abruptly, Hector was at his side, replacing the wall that stood there a moment ago.

Geoffrey reeled back and barely avoided the sword. “You will trap yourself before you trap me,” he said, bringing his shadows to bear. A red cluster whirled at his side, forming a spinning drill. It dug into the wall next to him, expanding the hole quickly.

Hector had a different set of shadows to contend with. While ripping through them, he merely tried to keep Geoffrey in sight, eliminating walls as he ran and making new ones for Geoffrey to tunnel through.

“You will grow tired before I do, you know!”

Hector slipped an extra wall in--not in Geoffrey’s path, but rather just beside it, seemingly unworthy of attention. And when their chase made a complete circle, Hector was ready. He pulled his fist to his shoulder, and an iron block popped out of the wall as Geoffrey passed. It shoved him straight toward Hector.


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  3. Narrowly slid out OF the way, and "a red clustered" should not have the ed on the end.


    EDIT: Damn I just remembered that all this time, Hector's been finding his father's body...