Sunday, October 27, 2013

Page 326

For a moment, Hector could only stare at the cop writhing on the ground. He’d broken normal people’s bones before, but those had at least been violent criminals. This guy was just doing his job.

Hector!’ came Garovel’s yell. ‘Hurry up!

More cops were coming. He knew he couldn’t stay. He threw the injured man a last look. “I’m sorry!” was all he could manage. He ran off and jumped into Colt’s car.

They sped off, but Hector could still see more helicopters and vehicles in pursuit.

“Can you put a barricade behind us?” said Colt.

“I don’t want to make them crash!” said Hector. “That could kill someone!”

Colt grumbled under his breath, and then said, “Fine. I’ll do it the hard way. Climb into the backseat and hold onto the kids for me.”

Hector did as the man said. The babies started whining as he nestled them in his arms, wrapping them in iron along with himself. He could feel the car’s speed climbing rapidly. They soon encountered a police blockade.

“Keep going,” said Hector.

“You sure?” said Colt.


Bridge structure was the first thing he studied when he visited the library the other day. Committing a few general designs to memory had been no great feat, and this time, the bridge he constructed was much sturdier. The ramp leading up to it was solid iron all the way through, providing ample support for the extension over the blockade, and the ramp leading back down was just as smooth. Hector annihilated the bridge behind them.

Colt had the reapers scout ahead for him, aiding his efforts to lose the helicopters. The man’s driving was frightening, yet still somehow precise. He could navigate around parked cars in narrow streets without losing much speed, and Hector frequently lost sight of the choppers between the tall buildings, which likely meant that they were having the same problem.

“You’re really good at driving...”

“This car’s a piece of shit.”


  1. Watching the news in this world just got wacky. How the hell are civilians even pretending to cope with this shit?

  2. I imagine they must all have red cheeks from all the times they pinched themselves

  3. Nice chase scene. I wonder what could be going through the cops' minds...

  4. Well luckily nothing solid since Hector has a hold on his powers.