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Page 290 -- XXXIV.

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Chapter Thirty-Four: ‘Blighted warriors, quell thy fury...’
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Hector let Garovel do the explaining. He stared vacantly past Colt and Bohwanox, not really listening to the conversation. They’d met up north of Brighton, just off the main road. Colt leaned against his car as he listened, his kids lying right behind him in the backseat.

“So you really killed Geoffrey?” said Colt.

Hector just looked at him. Ice cold.

Colt cocked an eyebrow but seemed to get the hint. He turned back to Garovel. “What do you plan on doing now, then?”

I think we should travel together,’ said Garovel.

Agreed,’ said Bohwanox. ‘We’ll be safer in a group.

Hector decided to speak up. “Bohwanox.”


“I thought you said... that you didn’t like to get involved.”

I did.

“So why did you revive Colt, then?”

Bohwanox gave a small nod. ‘I suppose you changed my mind about taking on servants. After you protected me--after I realized that there were beings like Geoffrey out there, I started to come around to the idea.

Hector folded his arms. “So you’re not interested in helping people, then. You just wanted someone to protect you.”

Bohwanox blinked at him. ‘Well, yes. I guess you could say that.

Garovel eyed Hector. ‘There’s nothing wrong with that.

“Fine, sure,” said Hector. “But why did it have to be him?”

Colt furrowed his brow. “Excuse me?”

He returned the man’s gaze evenly. “Did you think I’d forgotten about Melissa Mallory? And those three cops?” He could feel his irritation steadily growing, becoming genuine anger. He looked at Bohwanox. “Did you know that this guy murdered innocent people? Hell, you were there at the hospital that night. Did you not realize that Colt was the one who killed them?”

Colt’s expression darkened. “You know I had no choice in that.”


  1. Welcome to the fourth major story arc, everyone.

  2. Fight! Fight! Fight!
    My moneys on the big guy!
    Place your bets! Place your bets!
    Let's find out what Colt's powers are and moreover,

  3. And now hector becomes stereotypical emo protagonist...Hope he pulls out of that shit quick, but somehow I doubt it.

  4. I thought the same damn thing. Getting annoyed with people starting to criticize the story without using the brains they were born with.

  5. Did you forget that the only reason Hector didn't kill Colt way back when was because of those twins? Did you really forget that Colt himself had killed Hector? Did you really forget that Hector blamed himself fpr the people that Colt murdered? Not that the fucking danger to the twins is gone (Geoffrey) now the emotions that Hector had for Colt is coming to the surface. Yes, the trauma that Hector just went through plays a part, but don't think tbis hasn't been there all along. Use your brain