Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Without his helm, he scratched his head. He looked up at the building from the rear parking lot, crouching behind a dumpster. “Can I scale the wall?”

Maybe. I think a seven-story platform would be quieter, though. Just let me scout the area for prying eyes, first.


After a spell, Garovel returned and showed him the exact spot to stand. He created a broad pillar below his feet, raising himself to the window of the reaper’s designation. It was shut, of course, and locked as well, but he could see the tiny latch that he needed to move. He pressed a hand to the glass and made a small pillar on the other side, starting from the windowsill, then growing out and pushing against the latch. He heard the shunk, pulled the bug screen off, and slipped inside, disintegrating his metal.

His mother was in the bathroom. He could hear her crying.

He sat on the end of the bed and waited for her.

A hundred thoughts swirled through his mind. He still wasn’t sure how to explain everything to her. The truth sounded so ridiculous, but it seemed like the only thing that could vindicate him. And then he just started recounting everything in his head. By the time she came out of the bathroom, Hector was crying again.

Vanessa Goffe stared at him, her own eyes still puffy and red. She looked like she didn’t know whether she wanted to scream or not.

Hector just went for it. “I didn’t kill Dad.”

She did not react.

He tried again. “I didn’t kill him. Mom, you have to believe me. I would never hurt him. Or you. I... I w-wouldn’t...”

Her face was tear-streaked stone, now. “What do you want from me?” was all she asked.

“I just...” He grit his teeth, angry with himself. Now was not the time to struggle for the right words. “I want to explain what happened... and... and...”

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