Friday, October 25, 2013

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--donation bonus (day #17, post 3/5)--
“Oh!” said Desmond, grinning. “You’re right. It’s like he’s taunting us with all this media coverage, isn’t it? Maybe he wants us to come after him, eh? If so, that’s pretty damn ballsy.”

And suddenly, Stoker saw the opportunity there. On a silver platter. Right in front of his face.

Nize got there before him. ‘Stoker and I will go hunt him down.’

Desmond looked at her. “Really? It’s not like he’s actually important. Even if he is giving us the middle finger, right now.”

No,’ said Hoyohté. ‘Karkash and I will go.’

Desmond blinked at her, too. “Why are you all raring to go kill someone you’ve never even seen? I told you he’s not important. Don’t you have more pressing matters to attend to?”

That is why we will go by ourselves,’ said Hoyohté. She turned to Nize and Stoker. ‘We will only be gone a day--two at the most. You can handle matters in the meantime, yes?

“Of course,” said Stoker. ‘This works, too,’ he thought. ‘As long as we don’t have Karkash breathing down our necks, sneaking out of the city will be simple. The others won’t notice until we’re long gone.

Nize privately concurred.

You shouldn’t go alone,’ said Ezmortig. ‘We don’t know how strong the enemy is.

“Not necessary,” said Karkash. “We know he uses metal.”


“So he’s already fucked,” said Stoker. “Karkash can control electromagnetic fields.”


Colt’s meditation went surprisingly smoothly. He hated it, but now that it had become the difference between being able to safely hold his children and not, he started taking it much more seriously. Within a day, he was able to not only keep his power subdued, but he could also target an object half a meter away from him. However, its actual destructive power still seemed incredibly weak. He couldn’t even break a solid pane of glass on the first try. He took to practicing his aim against a chalk circle he’d drawn on the wall.


  1. Well, I learned something today. I always thought it was "rearing to go". I was slightly confused and had to look it up to make sure "raring" wasn't a mistake. XD

    Also, prediction: Hector gets his butt handed to him and Colt goes through the explosive growth and saves him.


  2. Oho, we'll get there. ALL IN GOOD TIME.

  3. You, Mr. Frost, are an evil, evil man. Thank you for all your work.

  4. ...fuck. Electricity. It had to happen...

  5. Given how that fight actually went, I'm not sure why they're so confident. By rights, a metal materializer should be Karkash's worst nightmare. How would they know that Hector's metal is one of the THREE that Karkash can damage?

  6. Now, now. Spoilers. Rather than deleting your comment myself, I'll thank you to delete it for me or at the very least place a spoiler warning on it.

  7. You're right. Moved it to page 343.

  8. UH oh. Hector better switch to using aluminum fast :P

  9. UH oh. Hector better switch to using aluminum fast :P

  10. gah... why he always have the bad compatibility? This feel like when i chosee charmender, and that red guy choose squirtle.