Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Page 288

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“Explain, then,” she said. “Why do the police think you killed Samuel?”

“Because... uh...” He looked at the floor. ‘Garovel, help me...

You didn’t kill him, but someone made it look like you did.

He gave a tiny nod and glanced up at his mother again. “Someone made it look like I did it...”

She merely listened.

“S-someone came to the house... after you left for work... and... they took Dad h-hostage and... brought him to my school... which was where he was... killed...”

“Why would they do that?” Her voice trembled. “Who were they?”

“A lunatic... His name was Geoffrey Rofal.”

“You knew this person?”

He cringed at the question.

Don’t lie about being a vigilante. She already knows. The police told her.

“Geoffrey was a... he was a criminal... he and I fought before... a-and, ah... he, uh--”

“During one of your outings, is that it?” Her anger showed through now. “One of your little adventures fighting crime, right? It came back to bite us. You went and got involved in something you shouldn’t, and now your father is dead because of it. My husband...” She breathed hard. “Because of you! You got him killed, didn’t you?! That’s what happened, isn’t it?!”

Hector couldn’t look at her.

“Answer me! You didn’t kill him yourself, but you’re still responsible for it, aren’t you?! Well?! Just tell me!”

“...Y-y-yes. I... I’m...”

Hector, please. It’s not your fault. Don’t let her convince you that it is. That won’t help anyone.

There came a knock at the door. “Ma’am, is everything alright in there?”

Vanessa settled her breathing. She looked at the door, then back at Hector.

He could see her considering what to do. He stood, preparing to run as her gaze lingered on him.

She answered the door.


  1. -kicks something- ...;-; So many feels.

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    1. This is going to become a thing, isn't it?

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  4. The feels!!! They hurt!!! Please God, don't let her betray her son!

  5. Poor Hector i knew things would just get worse for him once he meet his mom, but i can't blame him for trying.