Saturday, October 5, 2013

Page 267

Hector placed Sheryl behind him and pulled the helm’s jaw back down. He tried not to acknowledge the face of Geoffrey’s puppet, but he had known Jenny Friedman for years. He had never been friends with her, scarcely even acquaintances, but still. Seeing her like this, blank-faced and mindless, was enough to make his stomach turn.

“I already know where Gregory and Janine live,” she said for Geoffrey. “And you will not be able to reach them before my fetchers do.”

“You’re lying,” said Hector.

“How do you think I know who your friends are? Everything Nathan knew, I know. And Micah. And Samuel. Everyone I have taken has provided me with a wealth of knowledge.”

Sheryl flinched. “Nathan and Micah? What’s he talking about?”

Geoffrey ignored her. “I have learned some delightful things about you, Hector. And I would quite like to share. So please. Let us not drag this out any further. Come to the teacher’s lounge.”

“Stop attacking people, and I will.”

“Oh, very well. But bring Sheryl with you.”

“No. Let her go.”

“Honestly, Hector. Even if I agreed to do that, would you actually trust me to follow through? I would like to see her reactions, as well, so just make this easy and bring her with you. Refuse, and Ms. Trent will be dead before you get here.”

Hector scowled. “Fine.”

“Excellent. Follow me.”

They started walking, Jenny’s lifeless body leading the way.

“Hector,” Sheryl whispered. “What happened to Nathan and Micah?”

He couldn’t answer that. He couldn’t even look at her.

“A-are they... dead?”

His silence was answer enough.

“Oh, goddess...!” She started shaking even more violently than before.

“I...” He had to say it with confidence or she wouldn’t believe him. And he needed her to believe him. “I won’t let that happen to you.”

Geoffrey overheard. “Oh, Hector. Don’t lie to the poor girl.”

“Shut the fuck up.”


  1. Samuel?! Already?!

    And I'm with Hector! "Shut the fuck up."