Monday, October 14, 2013

Page 282

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He wanted a bridge, one that would go above the police trucks and then back down. But he had never created such a thing before. He had never materialized an actual structure, let alone one that needed to support the force of a motorcycle hurtling uphill at 150 km/h.

But he did his best, creating iron steadily ahead of the speeding bike. He made it extra wide, expecting the tires to lose traction against the metal, and then he ramped it up, perhaps a bit too steeply as he felt the bike jolt. And as he climbed and the metal began to buckle, he added crisscrossing support beams.

The bridge sagged as he passed over the blockade. He was too afraid to give it proper support, not wanting to accidentally skewer one of the cops below on a sudden pillar. But he reached the other side quickly enough and tried to give it beams again; only, it was too steep now, and the tires started sliding. The bridge crumpled behind him as well, and he annihilated it before it crushed someone.

The bike hit the road, front tire first, and for a second, he thought it would flip over, but then the rear tire met pavement, and he found his balance again. The engine started grinding as he sped away.

He soon saw cars on the road again and had to slow down. Then he noticed an upcoming traffic jam. And the sheer number of pedestrians meant that mounting the curb was also out of the question. He could try to slip between stopped cars with the motorcycle, but he wasn’t entirely sure it would fit. Instead, he decided to stop altogether, turning the front tire and placing one foot on asphalt as he looked back toward the helicopter.


  1. Te bridge

  2. You don't need the "a" before 150 km/h

  3. I'm shocked that Hector hasn't demolished that bike yet...