Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Page 289

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Hector was surprised when she didn’t ask the officers to enter and arrest him. He watched her block the doorway so they didn’t spot him, watched her reassure them of her safety, watched her close the door behind her. He couldn’t understand what she was thinking. “Mom--”

She held a hand up. It clenched into a fist. She put her knuckles to her mouth and closed her eyes. “Just. Go.”

“But... please, just listen--”

She glared at him, furious tears in her eyes. “I don’t care what your reasons were,” she said shakily. “I don’t even care how you got in here. Just leave. And don’t come back. I don’t ever want to see you again.”

His face cracked. “Y-you, you don’t mean that...”

“Get out.”

“Mom, please...!”

“Don’t test me, Hector. If you don’t leave right now, I will turn you in.”

Do as she says,’ said Garovel. ‘Just for now, that is.

He slowly backed away.

We’ll see her again, Hector. It might be a long time, but we’ll visit her and sort all this out, one day. I promise. I’m sure she’ll be ready to listen then.

Hector wasn’t sure he believed the reaper, but he sure wanted to. He stopped in front of the open window and looked at her one last time. “I love you, Mom...” And he jumped out the window.

He raised a pillar up from the parking lot and gave it a sloped edge, expanding it out into a gigantic slide. His landing was a rough tumble, and Garovel started healing his broken leg as he limped the rest of the way to the motorcycle.

You’re doing the right thing,’ Garovel told him.

Hector made no response. He still wanted to cry, but the tears had stopped falling a while ago. As he mounted the bike, he pulled out his phone and looked for Colt’s number.


  1. So I caught up till here.
    I realised, my first impression of Eleg being far more around the bend than Earth may have been presumptuous. I had based that opinion on the existence of slavery and other such practices being not only real, but actually acknowledged by parts of the population. On further consideration, though, there are parts, a lot actually, that still have slavery or indentured servitude by any other name on Earth as well, and I am not limiting myself about the much maligned african continent.
    So now I have to wonder, if such categorisations are actually useful. Is the opinion of "we have it better, hah!" really applicable? Maybe we should look at the hardships and injustice in our world and not despair. Maybe we should respond by being better.

  2. this meeting was absolutely pointless.... ahhh i loved the story so much up till this point and a few pages back.... The situation was fine but honestly the way he did things and reacted made me think he is slightly retarded... Well I have always been a fan of the smarter characters cant say I am surprised it took me a few whole hours to read these last 20 pages. for example how did the 1000+ year old being not even suspect the phone... aghhh

  3. If it's age that bothers you, then the opposite argument could be made. Why would someone thousands of years old be all that worried about something as recent as mobile phones?

    Either way, it's kinda beside the point. Keep in mind that they aren't getting to see all the different POVs in this story that you are. It's easy to blame someone for missing something when you had access to all the information the whole time and they didn't.