Sunday, October 13, 2013

Page 277

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“You bastard,” said Geoffrey. “Are you not even going to say anything? After everything we have been through together?”

He had no desire to respond. It seemed too respectful.

Geoffrey gave a hoarse laugh. “What if I told you... that I wouldn’t hurt anyone anymore? In fact, what if I even agreed to help you? I would... I would listen to you--do anything you say.”

Hector’s eyes bulged, and his mouth twisted beneath the helm. He could hardly believe how much those words angered him. He’d tried to remain calm throughout the fight, to not let anything Geoffrey said get to him, but this--this was ridiculous. An appeal to his better nature? As if there was anything which could convince him. After all the murders. All the lives destroyed. All the families.

The motherfucking arrogance.

Rage came rushing back to him, blindingly strong. He almost couldn’t even hear Geoffrey’s next words.

“If you just--kagh--just spared my life... I would do that. Yeah? What do you say?”

Fuck no.” Hector raised the wall between them, completing the box. He touched the metal with both hands. He could hear Geoffrey shouting from inside.

Hector skewered the box with a dozen metal pillars, all focused with his soul. Geoffrey’s agonized cries still rang out. He added a dozen more. The noise stopped.

He opened the wall. There lay Geoffrey. A crumpled heap with metal bars stuck through it, piercing the chest, neck, skull, stomach, every limb multiple times. The last bit of red shadow shriveled up and evaporated into nothingness.

He stared at the body, waiting, half-expecting it to spring back to life and attack him again. He kept waiting.

Geoffrey was dead. Finally.

Hector breathed. He could only feel so relieved, however. This was not just the proof of Geoffrey’s death. It was also the proof of his father’s. And as that sunk in, as the urgency and adrenaline of battle wore off, Hector slowly broke down.


  1. Fuck damn.
    Ice cold Mr. Frost, Fucking Ice cold.
    Just... damn

    1. I see what you did there, and I approve.

  2. Well at least there was no springing to attack in a moment of weakness. Sad his dad's dead though,

  3. Good. I didn't think you'd do it, but I did get a bit nervous there. That was just as it should have been.

  4. man i don't know why but i felt that Geoffrey could have been utilized a lot more, he a lot more potential to him. i mean "i could have made my slaves in to monsters"? how interesting would that have been. not to mention more of a relationship between him and his grandfather. but alas, bringing him back would mean this awesome story arc would not have as much impact. Geoffrey was sadistic creepy and scary. he was powerful ruthless and crazy. this arc made me hate Geoffrey. but that's what made him such a good villain. no that's what made him an incredible villain.

  5. Did you edit this since I last read it? I don't remember the bit with Geoffrey bargaining for his life. If so it is an awesome addition.

  6. What you did there...I see it

  7. It really is. Are you rereading the entire story?

  8. I had the same reaction Hector had when Geoffrey started pleading for his life. "Fuck no" Thank you so much, Frost, for developing a protagonist that wouldn't shy from doing what needed to be done. Seriously, I've had it up to here *raises hand above head* with stories that do that.

  9. "First"?

    *Squeals like a Justin Beiber fan girl*

  10. Did Geoffrey at least see the iron-y of what killed him in the end?

  11. This page? No, I didn't add anything. I do occasionally go through and make tiny alterations, but this scene's always been like that.

  12. He's not steeling any more bodies, no sir!

  13. No. Your replies to my old comments reminded me this was an awesome fight and Hector's first truly impressive throw down, so I re-read it.

  14. New reader here helloJanuary 2, 2015 at 10:13 AM

    Motherfucker got Chain Maiden'd.

    This, as every page before it, is - well, 'awesome' sounds too flimsy and small. You are my new standard for what quality of writing I should be aiming towards.

  15. ... Dammin I meant IRON Maiden'd. Unless that's also wrong.

  16. Geoffrey, Thank for help him grow xDD ... kah3

  17. Finally he killed that bastard, but in the end he also killed whatever was left of his father. Such a sad moment for Hector.