Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Update

So. I didn't get as much written in October as I wanted, but I do have a small Halloween present for everyone. Though, I suppose pixel-wise, it's actually a fairly large present. ANYWAY, CLICK HERE. It's a continental map of Eloa. Kinda primitive, I know, but hey. Shut up. I spent a long time on it, and my mom put it up on the fridge 'n everything.

Additionally, I added a "Forum" page to the site, the link to which can be found at the top left of the site, below the title and Table of Contents. i figured it might be a good place for questions, discussions, and possibly role-playing. I have no personal interest in the latter, but I've seen you guys bringing it up in the comments.

I also slapped together a Facebook page for TZK a little while ago. Social media isn't really my thing, but I'll try to post there whenever I complete a chapter.

And while I have your attention, any and all votes over at Top Web Fiction would be very much appreciated, as would any rating or reviews on any of the sites listed to the top right.

As always, thanks for reading, everybody.

EDIT: Oh, and a new page went up a few hours ago, in case you missed it.

Page 870

How strange it was, looking at this man and seeing someone only slightly his elder. By appearance alone, Parson Miles could have quite easily passed for Dunstan’s brother. Dunstan could almost forget that he was staring at one of the most powerful Vanguardians alive today. But perhaps that was whole the point.

“Only one person, sir,” he said, swinging his chair around to point Miles in proper direction. “Third street over on your right, behind the bushes, sir.”

He’s right,’ said Overra. ‘From here, I can sense someone there.

Miles fished a pair of compact binoculars out of his coat and gave a look. “Hmm. Can’t see ‘em. Let’s wait ‘till they come a little closer, shall we?”

“Yes, sir.” And he realized that Reza was still blabbering on about one thing or another, so he interrupted said, ‘Can’t talk right now, Reza.’


He fixated up on the location of the figure he’d seen with his binoculars. A thick silence fell as they waited, but Dunstan had recently come to learn that the Cpt. General didn’t much care for peace and quiet, and indeed, the man soon broke it.

“...So how are you doin’ up here?”

“Fine, sir.”

“Tedious work, isn’t it? I was a watchman myself once, you know. Surprisingly little has changed about the job. With how quickly tech develops, you’d think it’d be completely different by now.” He knocked a finger against the clear wall. “Armoring has gotten a bit better, I suppose.”

Dunstan wasn’t sure how to respond, so he just said, “Yes, sir.”

For some reason, that seemed to amuse the man. “Do you consider yourself a company man, Corporal?”


“A company man. A believer in the system. In the Vanguard’s mission to provide protection and justice.”

“Yes, sir. Of course.”

“Good. That’s good. That’ll take you far.” A beat passed. “What about your family? How do they feel about the Vanguard?”

Dunstan hesitated. “...I’ve never told them about it.”

“Ah, so they’re just nice and normal folk?”

“Yes, sir. Though, I wouldn’t call them nice, exactly.”

“Mm. What is it that they think you do, then?”

“I... don’t know.” He blinked. He hadn’t meant to say that. He’d meant to tell some insignificant lie. That was what he usually did when someone asked him about his family.

“You don’t know?” said Miles. “How can you not know?”

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Page 869

Then what did you talk about?’ said Dunstan.

Mostly, Dennex been trying to pump me for information. And he’s pretty clever about it, too. I almost told him all sorts of juicy things.


All in all, he seems like a bit of a stiff, but he’s still way better company than the rest of reapers around here. Except maybe Overra. But I only got to talk to her a couple times. She’s always busy with Miles.

I thought you hated those two.

Oh, I do. But Overra is a hell of a conversationalist. She’s got a ton of ridiculous stories. Says she knows Tenebrach pretty well, and I believe her. And she’s met most of the strongest Abolishers in battle, too. She and Miles were there at the Battle of Lac’Vayce a few years ago.

Wasn’t that the one where nearly a million people were killed?

Yeah. Lamont and Jackson against Jercash, Ivan, and Gunther. The fight leveled the entire city and completely wrecked the local ecosystem. And Lamont and Jackson almost lost. Barely managed to hold on until Sermung arrived and bailed them out. And Overra was THERE. Can you imagine?

...Yes, I can. Quite easily.

Oh. Well, I suppose this battle is somewhat comparable, but it’s hardly the same scale. Five of the strongest servants in the world all duking it out in one place. Overra said Lac’Vayce won’t be habitable again for hundreds of years. They basically made a mini version of the Dáinnbolg all by themselves.

He didn’t much care for the way she talked about it as if they’d broken some kind of baseball record, but something caught his eye before he could tell her so.

A figure darted out from behind a building, only visible in the split second it took to reach a line of bushes.

He had a choice between two covered buttons on the arm of his chair. One was for the silent alarm, and the other was for the old analogue bell that would alert the entire compound. He lifted the cover and chose the silent alarm.

Without his binoculars, he surveyed the whole network of streets below, looking for any movement at all.

No more than a minute later, however, Cpt. General Miles appeared right outside the Nest, buffeting its bulletproof glass with a sudden flourish of wind. Overra melted out of the man’s body, and Miles gave Dunstan an unworried smile. “What did you see, Corporal?”