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You can’t just say no like that,’ said Voreese. ‘You’re confusing poor Gina. She can’t hear my end of the conversation.

“She probably prefers it that way. Right, Gina?”

“Whatever you say, Master Roman.”

That’s not funny. Tell Gina that’s not funny.

“Voreese says she loves you and thinks you’re hilarious.”

“Oh, thank you, Voreese.”

You’re both assholes.

“Tell Voreese I love her, too.”

Eh, okay, I guess she’s alright. You’re still a bucktoothed penis, though, Roman.

Honestly, Hector was content to simply eat his meal and enjoy their conversation with a smile on his face, but he knew that he probably shouldn’t do that. And even if he left all the important talking to Garovel, that would be a little rude to Gina, he felt.

The subjects of killing worms and meeting gods soon came up, and Hector and Garovel struggled through those explanations together.

“...So you’re telling us that there are now a couple of ‘ancient beings’ with untold power roaming around in the Undercrust, doing whatever they want?” said Roman.

Hector bobbed his head. “Well... they wouldn’t be the first. Reapers, servants, worms, feldeaths, Hun’Sho. Those are all ancient beings, too, right?”

“Guess that’s true,” said Roman with a small laugh. “I’m sure a couple of gods will barely even make a splash, then.”

Hector couldn’t really argue with the man’s sarcasm. He had no idea what Royo and Malast would do next, and he almost didn’t want to know.

Roman gave him a look. “You realize this is going to be a gigantic problem, don’t you?”

“Probably, yeah,” said Hector.

“I mean, you’ve got a direct line to the Undercrust here. They could pop up here any time they want and attack you.”

“I don’t think they know where the hole to Warrenhold is,” said Hector.

The Warrenhole,’ said Voreese.

“If they’re really gods, they could know just about anything,” said Roman.

They’re NOT really gods,’ said Garovel.

“But you said you don’t know the extent of their power,” said Roman. “If they’re strong enough, it doesn’t really matter if they’re gods or not, does it? We still wouldn’t be able to stop them.”

“They didn’t seem... that hostile toward us,” said Hector.

“That’s good,” said Roman. “Guess you wouldn’t be here if they had been, eh?”

Who knows?’ said Garovel. ‘I wouldn’t bet against Hector, though.

Hector threw the reaper a look and noticed Roman and Voreese doing the same. He felt like this conversation was going down a strange road and decided to change the subject. “Whatever happens, we’ll deal with it when the time comes,” said Hector. “For now, I’d rather focus on the problems facing Warrenhold and Atreya.”

Oh yeah, you guys are in some pretty deep shit, aren’t you?’ said Voreese.

“We’re in it, too, you know,” said Roman.

Maybe YOU are,’ said Voreese, ‘but I’m not. I’m an intangible ghost woman. Your crummy economy isn’t gonna affect me.

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