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“If it’s just about not wanting to be in our debt,” said Hector, “then there are other ways you could pay us back. I mean, money is nice and all, but, er...”

It would be kind of a hassle to exchange all of your Sairi escaltos for our Atreyan troas,’ said Garovel, ‘especially because we’d have to come up with an official excuse for why we suddenly have a steady influx of foreign currency.

“I... see,” said Horatio.

Plus, Hector here made a fairly large impression on the locals in Moaban, so it probably wouldn’t be too difficult for someone to find out that he was in Sair while the country was in turmoil. We really shouldn’t be giving anyone more dots to connect beyond that.

Your reasoning is sound,’ said Yovess, ‘but are you really suggesting that we simply stay for free? That is not something that we as Rainlords can abide, and I know that all of our kin will feel similarly.

“Ah--like I said, if it’s just about not wanting to be in our debt, then there are other ways you could help us.”

Such as?

“Well, er--you’re kinda doing it already, aren’t you? It seems like a few of you guys have, uh... have taken a bit of... initiative with helping restore Warrenhold.”

Ah, yes,’ said Yovess. ‘However, I believe that has more to do with some among us feeling restless, not wanting to remain idle.

“Even while you’re supposed to be resting?” said Hector.

Yes,’ she said plainly.

Horatio looked briefly amused. “And perhaps you are overestimating how much rest we require. Not all of us have had to push ourselves beyond the point of absurdity.”

Hector just kind of scratched his chin.

Still,’ said Garovel, ‘the point remains that it would be of immense help to have a bunch of superhuman construction workers on the job. If you’re willing to accept food, shelter, and our winning smiles as payment, then I think we can agree that you won’t be in our debt.

Horatio and Yovess looked at one another for a time, perhaps deliberating privately.

Oh, and also,’ added Garovel, ‘this arrangement might prove useful in keeping up appearances with Leo.

You intend to bring him back here?’ said Yovess.

“Not anytime soon,” said Hector with some confidence, “but... eventually, maybe.”

But it also may not be up to us,’ said Garovel. ‘There’s always a chance that Leo could decide to just drop in on us unannounced. It’s not like Warrenhold’s location is some great secret.

Horatio and Yovess looked displeased.

In such an event, it would be good if it looked like the Rainlords really were working for us.

“...Some might argue that this is more than merely looking like it,” said Horatio, though his expression remained neutral.

Hector met the man’s gaze evenly. Somehow, it seemed like it would be disrespectful to look away. Or cowardly, perhaps.

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