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Don’t go anywhere near those, by the way,’ said Nerovoy.

He hadn’t been planning to. ‘Are they dangerous?

Anything that can live in this place is dangerous.

They continued on, but they didn’t get much farther before the ground began to rumble. Instinctively, Germal stopped and crouched down low as he surveyed their surroundings one more time.

In the distance, a crashing boom arrived along with an enormous cloud of rock and dust.

Go!’ said Nero. ‘That must be him!

Germal leapt up to his feet and bolted onward. The prospect of finally being done with this wretched journey was more than enough motivation to keep him in full sprint, despite his body’s protests. After he rounded the next bend in the path and overcame another crest, he finally caught sight of someone standing on the edge of a crate.

Two someones, actually.

Slow down,’ said Nero privately.

Germal did so, and when the two figures both turned and saw him there, he stopped entirely.

One was an elderly man, but the other? Was that thing even human? It was as tall as a man, perhaps, but it looked more like a black lizard with its reptilian face and tail.

Nero wasted no time. ‘Hello there!’ he called out. ‘Engomat, is that you?!

After a tense moment, a reaper that Germal hadn’t even noticed floated out into the open.

Nerovoy?’ said the presumable Engomat. ‘What in the world are you doing here?

Looking for you, as it so happens! What are YOU doing in this godforsaken place?!

The two figures were coming closer now, and Germal couldn’t take his eyes off of them.

Oh, nothing too exciting, I am afraid,’ said Engomat. ‘Searching for ancient treasure and not finding it, sadly. I was certain that a place like this would have more than its fair share of secrets, but alas, I have found no such evidence.

Nerovoy laughed. ‘You say that isn’t exciting, and yet it sounds pretty adventurous to me! Here, allow me to introduce my new servant. This is Germal.

Hello, young man.

He nodded. “H-hello... my name isn’t Germal, though. You should--”

Yes, it is,’ said Nerovoy. ‘That’s just an annoying game he likes to play with people whenever he meets them for the first time. Don’t be difficult, Germal. And stand up straight, for god’s sake. You’re in honorable company.

That was easier said than done when his back felt like it was twisted into knots.

My, my,’ said Engomat. ‘You do not look so good, my boy. Are you unwell?

Germal opened his mouth, unsure of what manner of lie might come out, but Nero wasn’t having it.

He has been cursed with mutation,’ the reaper said quickly. ‘I have heard that, these days, it is now possible to do something about it, but I know not what.


I was hoping that you, with all of the influence that you have apparently accumulated in my absence, would be able to help.

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