Sunday, May 13, 2018

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From what I’ve heard and been seeing on television, it looks like the Sandlords are intervening in the Rainlords’ territory now.

Hector stopped eating for a moment to look at Garovel. “Seriously?”


“But isn’t that, like... overreach or something?”

Quite possibly. The Rainlords don’t seem too pleased about it, but they also seem to understand that it’s a difficult situation, and the Sandlords probably shouldn’t just sit back and watch half of their own country fall into disorder and lawlessness.

“Hmm.” Hector returned to his meal and discovered that he was already almost finished with it.

It’s a difficult situation for everyone, but the Sandlords deciding to take action here is pretty damn justified, I’d say. What that means for Sair’s future, though--that’s another matter. I’m sure the Rainlords aren’t loving the thought of their thousand-year-old rivals taking over their territory permanently.


But hey! With their new Lord Darksteel taking them under his protection, maybe the Rainlords are only thinking about how bright their future is!

Hector groaned. “Why’d you have to remind me about that shit...?”

The reaper chortled. ‘What, you don’t like being the new leader of the Rainlords?

Hector just groaned again.

Voreese and I did tell them about that, by the way. Or we STARTED to tell them, at least. Word seems to be getting around pretty well on its own now.

Hector groaned again, even louder this time. “How are they reacting to it?”

Hard to say. Mainly they just seemed confused. Though, I think some of them are under the impression that it’s a conspiracy.

“Wha? A conspiracy?”

As in, they think that it might actually be true--that it’s not just a ruse to fool Leo and that you might genuinely be their new de facto leader.

Hector stared at Garovel, trying to discern something--anything--from the reaper’s skeletal expression. “Tell me you’re lying, Garovel.”

Sorry, buddy. I’m not.

He buried his face in his hands. “Argh...”

Hey, on the plus side, some of those conspiracy believers seemed... fairly receptive to the idea.

Hector didn’t remove his face from his hands.

Admittedly, though, some others seemed a bit less so... Anyway, we won’t know what the Rainlords are really thinking about everything until the heads have another meeting. They’re mostly just trying to let everyone get some rest, still.

That last part, Hector was actually glad to hear. After everything those people had been through, they definitely deserved a break.

He slurped up the rest of his soup, chugged the rest of his tea, and then hopped in the shower. The master bathroom was certainly spacious, though a bit odd. The whole thing was made out of the pitch black nightrock, just like the rest of the Tower of Night, but certain keys pieces of it were very recently added, such as the porcelain toilet and sinks, the steel faucets, and the big, glassy shower.

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